Rave party, Zangrillo: “Wiretapping? They should be used for serious crimes like the Mafia”

The Minister of Public Administration: “We all agreed not to have to get to this point”

“In the Council of Ministers there was sharing on all the issues addressed and in particular on the provision relating to rave parties we discussed theopportunity or not to access measures such as wiretapping in a preventive logic and we agreed on the fact that wiretapping, being a very invasive tool, should be used wisely and with references to serious crimes, such as Mafia crimes “. Paolo ZangrilloMinister of Public Administration to the microphones of Radio too on Radio Uno Rai.

“We all agreed that it was appropriate not to have to get to this point” and that as far as the theme of rave parties is concerned, the problem “can be managed with less extraordinary tools”.