Raw materials, Scordamaglia: “costs for food explode, increasingly poor supply chains”

From durum wheat to soy, from aluminum to plastic to expensive energy, “unsustainable increases, the government tries to neutralize them”

“The raw material has exploded: the cost of durum wheat has doubled, of soft wheat up to 50%, and soy has also doubled, corn has increased greatly and the cost of feed on which our excellence is based has increased greatly by 17%. Faced with this situation, we have an increase in retail food prices of + 1% against inflation of + 3%: this is not protection but impoverishment and destruction of national supply chains “. This was stated by the managing director of Filiera Italia, Luigi Scordamaglia, interviewed by Adnkronos on the issues of increases in raw materials and energy costs, on the sidelines of the Coldiretti Forum.

“For this reason – he points out – we can’t wait for the new legislation on unfair practices that prohibits below cost to come into force, so we will see if there is much to boast of protecting expensive lives by lowering costs instead of understanding supply chain by supply chain where indeed the costs are unsustainable for agricultural production and processing and must be legitimately recognized “. “In Italy only the large-scale distribution can decide, but not all products are the same, – he adds – there are those who understand that they are giving due recognition, albeit in a general containment observation, such as for meat and milk, which are directly connected to the agricultural world, they cannot fail to increase while, for others much more transformed, it is right that a discussion be started and the increases that have taken place are broken down “. To this situation must be added the energy costs which have more than doubled compared to the collapse of last year “.

A cry of pain that also comes from Coldiretti. “Farmers have suffered the costs of energy increases: + 50% diesel to go to the fields, + 30% the cost of sowing, feed and fertilizers have increased. The raw materials used to bring food have also increased. at the table, from aluminum to plastic to the explosion of freight and transport costs. Now it is important to balance the supply chain and for the government to neutralize these increases as much as possible, supporting household consumption “. This is what the Head of the Coldiretti Supply Chain Alessandro Apolito reports, when asked about the subject.