Razzante: “Concerned about security, chatGpt must be carefully monitored”

”I’m seriously concerned about security more than privacy. Not wanting to go into the merits of our Guarantor’s decision before examining it, I am concerned by the weight that is being given to artificial intelligence as a means that, according to some, would seem irreplaceable in the fields of knowledge and technology. It is true that even the human mind does not give certainties, but undoubtedly the distorted use of apps and tools offered by the internet is causing an unprecedented increase in crimes, as the statistics show”. Ranieri Razzante, cyber regulation expert and director of crstitaly.org, stated this to Adnkronos, commenting on the provision of the Privacy Guarantor which blocked ChatGpt.

”An app that allows you to reproduce voices, sensitive data, behavior deserves to be carefully monitored, wherever it is created and used – he adds – Crime and terrorists are looking for the territoriality of the internet as a new instrument of hybrid warfare. The logic of criminal law and physical security must now be replicated on cybernetics”.