Razzante (Crst): “Arrest in Rome confirms the danger of jihadist radicalization”

“The arrest of the terrorist in Rome confirms once more that the guard must not be lowered and that our counter-terrorism is among the best in the world. The danger of radicalization is always lurking, however, especially in moments of geopolitical confusion such as those that We are living. In fact, let us not forget that terrorism arises from destabilizing and fundamentalist ideas, which are unleashed above all in the minds of people who live in countries where there is a strong urge against the West and against States that in some way share ideas of freedom and democracy “. Ranieri Razzante, director of the Crst (Center for Research on Security and Terrorism) thus comments to the Adnkronos the precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Rome against a 37-year-old Egyptian for the crimes of participation in an association with purposes of international terrorism and training for the purpose of terrorism.

“Of this operation – observes Razzante – the IT intelligence capacity of the ROS investigators, which we must thank. Defense are doing a tremendous job to protect our country from cyberterrorism “.