Rea in tears to Amici 21: she is disappointed and after the episode she has a very strong moment of despair

Amici 21, a very difficult episode for Rea, when she returns to the house she bursts into tears.

The last episode of Friends 21 before the Christmas holidays. The talent will return in January. The boys received a present, a gift and a message from their family, as they will spend the holiday season in the house and will not return home.

Rea in tears to Amici 21: what happened after the episode (source instagram)

Also this time there was the singers’ competition. To judge it came Fedez, who put Alex and first to the last Nicol and Rea. The latter, when she returned to the house, had a strong moment of despair. Disappointed with her performance, she burst into tears and Nicol tried to console her.

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Moment of discouragement for Rea at Amici 21: disappointed by what happened, she bursts into tears

In the episode of Amici 21 on Sunday 19 December, all the students received a gift for the Christmas holidays. In the studio, Maria De Filippi brought in a tree of drawers with the faces of the boys. In each drawer, there was a gift from the family.

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We know that, like last year, they will not return to celebrate Christmas at home, but will spend the holidays together in the house. Also in this episode, there was a singers competition and it was Fedez who judged it. The artist has put Nicol and Rea in the latest posts. Immediately after the episode, Rea, entered the house, had a moment of despair and collapsed in tears., disappointed with her performance.

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I worked so hard, I have been locked in room 8 for three days to rehearse this song, it has always come to me“Said the singer. Nicol has tried to make her understand that in life there will be many moments like this and that things do not always go well, but she must not get down now. In the episode, Rea had sung a song by David Bowie, Life on Mars, but revisiting it. At first she had a moment of hesitation, but later on, she started well. Fedez put the singer in the last place of the ranking. Not satisfied with her performance, Rea collapsed.