Read to Meloni: “When you lose the worst thing is to ignore it”

The dem leader in the aftermath of the 2022 municipal ballots: “Broad alliances were ultimately successful”

Didn’t the Democratic Party win for Meloni? When one loses, the worst thing is to pretend not to have lost, because then he does not even do the analysis of the defeat. We have suffered defeats many times and too often we have not analyzed our defeat. Now it has gone badly for them and the worst thing for them is to pretend nothing has happened. ”Thus Enrico Letta on Tg1, in the aftermath of the run-offs of the 2022 municipal elections.

We have made broad alliances everywhere and in the end they have been successful – underlined the leader dem – Now the most important thing for us is to be aware that this victory, obtained everywhere from South to North, loads us with responsibility. It is not a question of rejoicing or uncorking bottles but of knowing how to use this credit of credibility that has been given to us “and” we want to use this positive result “of the administrative” to ensure that the social agenda is much more important within the government agenda “.

“We need to beat inflation – he remarked – and give workers an extra month’s salary at the end of the year thanks to a shock reduction in the tax wedge, labor taxes. It is something that can be done, there is a broad understanding between the social partners and in Parliament. And our proposal to the government is this, let’s do it. This is the best way to give Italians confidence “.