Read to the parties: “Let’s meet to implement Mattarella’s words”

The Democratic Party’s proposal: a parliamentary session on the follow-up to be given to the president’s speech. Yes of the Northern League player Romeo

“After yesterday” with the official start of the Mattarella bis at the Quirinale, “as Parliament and as parties and political forces, we gamble for credibility based on the way in which we will follow up on the commitments contained in President Mattarella’s speech. We applauded them with thunderous and repeated ovations. “He declares it Enrico Letta, leader of the Democratic Party.

“If they remained a dead letter, the whole politics would lose strength. Above all it would deserve the blame that has often and for some time been spreading in our society. My appeal is: let us quickly discuss the most suitable parliamentary instrument and decide together the concrete forms with which, in the last year of the legislature, we can really implement the requests expressed in that extraordinary speech.“, concludes Letta.

PARLIAMENTARY SESSION, THE PROPOSAL OF THE PD – “This morning the leaders of the Democratic Party in the Chamber and the Senate, Debora Serracchiani and Simona Malpezzi, wrote a letter to the Presidents of the Chambers, proposing a specific session of parliamentary debate on the follow-up to be given to the speech with which yesterday the President of the Republic has accepted his second term “. This was announced by the Democratic Party. “Many of the contents mentioned by the Head of State require, in fact, an active reforming role on the part of the Chambers, to ensure that the last year of the legislature is profitable and in the name of real sharing. open and constructive. We are demanding and we are convinced that all the other political forces will be: let us not let the continuation of that speech be only the applause, albeit thunderous. conclude Serracchiani and Malpezzi.

LEGHIST ROMEO SAYS Yes – “The parliamentary session proposed by the Democratic Party on the issues launched by Mattarella? Yes, if it is a way to strengthen and concretize the messages of the head of state” with us “there is full availability, we are government forces, even if we have different ideas , I repeat, there is availability “. The leader of the League in the Senate, Massimiliano Romeo, guest of Rainews, says so. “Confrontation is always useful – concludes the Northern League manager – it can produce acts that can reform our administration”.