Ready for Another Truth? Cast, plot and previews of the first episode

Another truth is ready to arrive on Channel 5, but what do we know about the cast and the plot? Here are the previews of the first episode.

A few weeks have passed since the end of the seasons of “Stronger than Destiny” and “Fosca Innocenti”, yet Canale 5 is ready to thrill its audience again with a new and unmissable TV miniseries. We are talking about “Another truth”.

Cast and plot of Another truth: previews of the first episode. Credits: instagram

A completely new TV series, the one that will be broadcast on Canale 5 starting tonight, Wednesday 27 April. And that, without a doubt, will give his viewers the opportunity to become attached to his story. Waiting to find out, however, what will happen tonight, are you ready to discover the plot and the cast?

Plot and cast of Another Truth

In the same vein as Fosca Innocenti, Another Truth also has one goal: to solve a mystery. The protagonist of the miniseries, in fact, is Audrey who – years earlier – managed to survive a brutal serial killer. Everything seems to be going well and the woman, years later, has managed to rebuild a life after this terrible parenthesis, but very soon the situation changes radically. Itsas, this is precisely the name with which the man is nicknamed, it would seem to have returned. To confirm this, it is the murder of a very young woman! Is this really so? Maybe! One thing is certain: these six episodes, divided into two episodes, will be truly heart-pounding! Do not worry if you are unable to follow them: on Mediaset Play it is possible to see all its replicas.

Taking on the role of Audrey is the very young Camille Lou. Around her character, however, there are many other actors of a certain caliber. Starting, therefore, Annelise Hesme, who plays the role of her mother, up to Thierry Neuvic, in the role of police commander.

What will happen tonight?

As we said, therefore, the first episode will air this evening. Unlike, however, the last one which, apparently, will be broadcast on May 10th. Are you curious, however, to know what will happen? According to what is learned, it would seem the first episode will be set to today. And it will introduce Audrey as a woman, mother, and valued lawyer. The young woman, therefore, will be shocked by a shocking news: the body of a girl will be found which immediately makes her hypothesize the serial killer from which she escaped back in 2003. At this point, therefore, the viewers will witness a journey backwards to understand what happened in those years.

another truth
Credits: Instagram

We won’t miss it tonight, you?