Real Aversa, Emanuele Filiberto denounces: “They poisoned my team”

In a post on Facebook, the day after the result against Ragusa

“What happened yesterday is something unheard of and, from my point of view, it is also an attack on my person as well as on the city of Aversa. They poisoned my team”. The complaint is by Emanuele Filiberto, owner of Real Aversa (series D). The accusation comes the day after yesterday’s 6-0 defeat against Ragusa.

“I don’t want to make any inferences – he underlines in the post published on Facebook – but the only certain thing is that all our players are in hospital. During the return journey, after many stops to vomit, it was necessary to take them to hospital in Salerno and unfortunately they were all hospitalized, unfortunately they weren’t even able to go home”.

Emanuele Filiberto recounts how “two of our members yesterday morning, before the match, had to go to the Ragusa emergency room and the doctor on duty told them that before 6 hours they could not get any results and that they had to stay calm” and that “although they had told her that there were other members who were not well and with the same symptoms”, she would have replied that going to the hospital was useless”.

That same doctor, she continues, “at 3.00 pm she was already there on the pitch ready to sit on the bench as Ragusa’s team doctor. How is it possible for similar things to happen… a doctor in a public facility who, in order to bring an advantage to his team puts the safety of an entire team at risk. I sincerely hope that it was not the same doctor, but that it was only a double because otherwise it would really be a very serious thing”.

Faced with the impossibility of postponing the game, “having no alternative, they tried to field players full of drugs in order to let the game play, they even had to put a player in place of the under goalkeeper. I hope that this will be done clarity and justice”.

And he concludes: “We have already denounced the structure that hosted us, and now we will immediately file a complaint to have the match replayed and we will report everything to the federal prosecutor. The result is nothing more than confirmation of the team’s physical conditions!”.