Real Madrid Napoli where to see it on TV and streaming

The match scheduled today at 9pm at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid

The Champions League match between Real Madrid and Napoli is scheduled for today, Wednesday 29 November at 9pm at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid. The challenge will be broadcast live exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The Italian champions, second in group C with seven points against their challengers’ 12, are called upon to win at the home of Los Blancos to gain mathematical access to the round of 16.

Mazzarri: “Let’s go back to playing, there’s empathy and a top group”

“There is a relationship and respect with president De Laurentiis that has lasted for years. The first thing is to go back and watch that beautiful game from last year. Then let’s see, even when I coached smaller teams, I didn’t set limits for myself. Tomorrow we have a fundamental test in the Champions League against the strongest team in the world. In the meantime we won in Bergamo, we must go back to doing our best”, said Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri on the eve of the Champions League match against Real Madrid. “The relationship with Ancelotti? We have an incredible relationship, he is an exquisite person as well as a great coach. However, the two of us will not go on the pitch, but our teams”, he added.

“How will Napoli take the field? Last year Napoli embraced the concept of the game, when possible we have to start from there. I have to help these guys find that common thread again, like in the first half in Bergamo. From now on then we will always try to play football. How is Osimhen? I’ll talk to him tomorrow (today, ed.), we don’t want to overload him but he will definitely play for a while. We still have to decide whether he will start from the start or play during the match. I want a short, organized team and concentrated, as was partly seen in the first half in Bergamo. Then it is clear that tomorrow we face one of the best teams in the world like Real”, added Mazzarri.

“I found an incredible group of good guys. Great empathy was immediately created. Since I left, Napoli has always hired real professionals. If a coach finds this human material, as well as technical, he is already halfway through the I haven’t always found such a cohesive dressing room in my career. Is qualifying for the final stages tomorrow a utopia? Do you remember when we played against City as rookies or almost? The beauty of football is that you don’t have to set limits, also doing things which on paper seem impossible. I always hope to do something important”, he continued. “Can Bellingham become number one in the world? Bellingham is a phenomenon, like many others. He is a great player, who could also be or become one of the number ones. But let’s wait a moment… We coaches always think about the team and not to the individual”, concluded the Napoli coach.