Real Steel, the film with Hugh Jackman becomes a TV series

Public interest in “Real Steel”, A 2011 film directed by Shawn Levy and re-released in streaming in the season of the lockdown, made the filmmakers reflect on the possibility of dusting off science fiction history as a starting point for a new product. The story of the former boxer played by Hugh Jackman will land on TV in serial format and broadcasting the title, currently in pre-production, will be the Disney Plus streaming platform.

The new project: from the sequel to the TV series

Shawn Levy, Canadian actor and director who has to his credit such hits as “A Night at the Museum” and “This is Where I Leave You”, said he was surprised by the audience’s prolonged affection for “Real Steel”, a film that upon its release received more than positive results at the box office where it accumulated over three hundred million dollars in proceeds all over the world. The discussion about the film, successfully relayed by Netflix, had prompted the director to restart a dialogue with Hugh Jackman which, in turn, keeps an excellent memory of that production. To date, the idea of ​​a TV series in the works for Disney Plus would have dropped the hypothesis of a sequel and Shawn Levy would be involved in the new project. 20th Television as executive producer alongside Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, Susan Montford and Don Murphy.
The new installment adaptation will rewrite the story of the film, based on a short story by US writer Richard Matheson entitled “Steel,” produced by Steven Spielberg and distributed by Walt Disney Studios; at the moment it is not known the team of writers involved in the new project which started after a long gestation phase, according to the authoritative Variety.

The story of “Real Steel”

“Real Steel” is a dramatic film with a strong science fiction vocation: in the future imagined by the author of the story, robots replace human beings in hand-to-hand combat and Hugh Jackman, a former boxer, reinvents himself as the coach of some machines that measure themselves in clandestine fighting. The man makes ends meet by reassembling robots with materials destined for waste and at a certain point, he reunites with a son with whom up to that moment he had had very little relations. The two will find a land of encounter and complicity finding a link never cultivated until then. An exciting film that attracted public attention at the time of its release with its nomination for an Academy Award in the Best Special Effects category. Jackman was awarded the title of Best Male Star in an Action Movie at the People’s Choice Awards, and young Dakota Goyo was also noted for his performance at 2012’s Saturn.