Rebuild 2023, two days to understand how the construction sector is changing

In the title ‘Integrate. Think again. Transformed the call for an action of responsibility shared by all the players in the sector in putting knowledge, experience, new processes and new frontiers for innovation and transition into a system

“At stake is the future of the entire real estate supply chain, one of the most strategic sectors of the country’s economy and productivity”. This was stated by Roberto Pellegrini, President of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi SpA in view of Rebuild 2023, the two-day event scheduled for 9 and 10 May at the Riva del Garda Congress Center. “A sector – he underlines – that has a decisive and decisive impact on the environmental, economic and social sustainability of entire territories”. The meeting will be opened by the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, who will speak of the necessarily closer link between innovation, sustainability, energy transition and construction.

The title of this 9th edition of REbuild, ‘Integra. Think again. Transform’, is the explicit call for an action of responsibility shared by all the players in the sector in putting knowledge, experiences, new processes and new frontiers into a system for innovation and transition. If in 2012 REbuild talked about environmental sustainability, energy saving, BIM and the off-site completion of the built environment, in May 2023 the 60 Italian and international speakers will address topics such as the entry of AI into design and robots on construction sites, non-financial reporting in terms of ES, the environmental footprint of the entire life cycle of products, the electric transition from the home – destined to become a hub of automated, real-time and adaptive services in a market whose numbers, projections and economic and environmental feasibility scenarios – to the city, the implications of the European Directive on green houses, the ‘urban digital twins’ for territorial planning.

Not only. We will talk about the first Green Corridor in Europe, destined to revolutionize the mobility of the future, energy communities and collective self-consumption, circularity of materials, evolution and replicability of off-site technologies. Topics such as decarbonisation in construction, Proptech, indoor health, the ecological transition of historic and obsolescent real estate assets will be addressed. Space will also be given to the new uses of ancient materials and to the still unpublished theme of the relationship between protection and risk prevention of the built environment, climate change and extreme environmental events.

The red thread that will run through every REbuild meeting will be innovation, physically present at the event with the companies selected for the Start up Village and the exhibition areas dedicated to 24 consolidated companies – divided between the offer of building solutions, the off-site and energy management of the building on one hand and digital services and for Real Estate on the other – which represent a cross-section of innovation present today in Italy, and beyond, for those who want to build and manage real estate according to new paradigms.

Even great architecture will be an integral part of REbuild: beyond the design topics addressed in the meetings, we note the interventions dedicated to the combination of technical and technological design innovation and the ability to imagine, on different scales, the future of living and living: one by Patricia Viel (Acpv Architects partner Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel) on the first day and the other by Benedetta Tagliabue (co-founder EMBT Architects, Barcelona) at the end of the two-day event.

“We are talking about a book of multidisciplinary and polythematic meetings and an exhibition parterre that address the hottest topics of the near future”, comment the organizers. “Finance and economy, technique and technology, energy and environment, communities and territories, experiences and projections: REbuild is back, and it is the protagonist, offering Italian and international maps and tools, research and emblematic testimonies on the future of the built environment”.

It will therefore be a special edition in which we will witness a succession of new ideas and technological solutions capable of contributing to human well-being, the protection of the environment, the home and the more efficient use of material and immaterial resources.

Because REbuild’s goal is to offer a series of useful maps to govern the transition towards a completely different way of thinking about the building from the past, which innovates both in the conception phase and in the construction and management phase, extending its gaze to the broader themes of strategic territorial planning, urban and infrastructural governance, to promote widespread and widespread social well-being.