REC 2022 Festival will have four stages, more bands and a meeting for the music industry

The next Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 Novemberthe Biobío Region will be the epicenter of the most important musical event in southern Chile, the REC Festival, promoted and financed by the Regional Government of Biobío. Kula Shaker, Hot Chip and Catupecu Machu head the 2022 line-up, which will grow in number of bands compared to previous editions, with an increase in musical projects led by women and bands from the Biobío Region.

“This year, 40% of the line-up will be made up of female projects, which implies a very important advance for the REC: in the first edition there was only one female artist, in the last -in 2020- there were 10 and this 2022 there will be 15. Thus, little by little, we are breaking down the gender gaps in the music industry, with female musical proposals with character, originality and quality”express Francisca Peroexecutive director of Biobio Theaterentity that produces this edition of the festival.

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Rock, pop and indie music are the central axes of the festival in terms of styles, to which other genres have been added such as electronic, urban and root music, among others, which allow the REC’s audience to expand. Sweet and Agraz, Frank’s White Canvas, Javiera Mena -who will soon release his new album, nocturnal-, Princess Alba, Rubio, Soulfía and Yorka are the national female bands that will play at REC 2022, along with other artists and groups such as Adelaide, Alex Anwandter -which returns to the national stage after two years-, False Aces, Ceaese, Pig in Stone, Chico Trujillo, Nano Stern, Perrosky and Yajaira.

As is tradition, this edition of the REC It will feature the presentation of three outstanding international bands. Psychedelic rock will arrive with the debut in Chile of the British Kula Shaker, who will present their latest record production, 1st Congregational Church Of Eternal Love and Free Hugs (2022). Also from England will be the indie and electronic proposal from Hot Chip, a band that released its latest album, Freakout/Release, in mid-August. The trans-Andean band Machu Picchu will meet again with the Chilean public after four years of recess, a return to the stage that the Argentine press has cataloged as a “religious experience”.

Let’s Start Winter, Chimalguen, Donki Bit, Flor de Guayaba, FrioLento, Lali de la Hoz, La Rox, Lolein, Montreal, Nadrxn, Tapia Roots and Eleva Vibration will be the twelve bands of the Bio bio region that were chosen from an unprecedented co-programming process and that will play in the seventh version of the REC-Festival. From Biobío are also the DJs that will bring electronics to REC 2022: Dali Orostica, Dayano, Emky Rolack, Javi Sanchez, José Tomás and Santi Fernández.

Finally, two family shows that combine rock and circus, Tetite Tutate and La Ciscu Margaretwill complete the line-up of the REC Festival 2022which this year will have four stages, two in its traditional location, the Bicentennial Park, and others on the esplanade and the Main Hall of the Biobío Theater.

“It is a massive, free festival, where various manifestations such as rock, pop or electronic music can be present on different stages to generate a great urban party, as a cultural asset that is contributed to the citizens not only of Greater Concepción, but beyond our borders. We invite friends from other parts of the country to visit our region, to make this festival an opportunity to get to know new places, enjoy local cuisine and experience an area that is unique, that is culture, that is rock”comment Rodrigo Diaz, Governor of the Biobío Region.

Local focus: band co-programming and music industry meeting

The bet of REC 2022 to strengthen the music industry of the Biobío Region will materialize this year with the first edition of REC Pro, a meeting that will take place between November 2 and 5 and that will offer instances of reflection, training and exhibition for musicians, producers, entrepreneurs, technicians and other professionals from the Biobío musical ecosystem.

Also, this year the number of local bands will grow by 50% compared to the last editions. The twelve groups from the Biobío Region that will be part of the line-up of the REC 2022 Festival they were selected from a co-programming process between nine musical organizations from Biobío, the public from REC and the festival team. The result is a joint local cartel, with gangs of Cañete, Concepción, Los Angeles, San Rosendo, Talcahuano and Tomé.

Six groups were defined by a work table made up of nine musical associations from the Biobío Region: Association of Musicians of Talcahuano (AMUT); Association of Independent Musicians Concepción (MIC); Association of Musicians of Cañete; Guild Association of Music Industry of Biobío (IMUBB AG); Concepción Jazz Club, International Festival of Women Musicians (FIMM); La Disquera – Los Angeles Musicians Association; SITAMCO – Union of Independent Workers of the Musical Arts of the Province of Concepción.

Two bands were defined based on the more than 8,000 proposals that came from the Let’s Program Together digital campaign, which invited REC audiences to suggest artists for the seventh edition of the festival. The remaining four, meanwhile, were defined by the REC curatorial team, which considered artists who do not have professional, union or other representation. These twelve bands, together with the six DJs and the family band Tetite Tutate, will add a total of 19 musical projects from the Biobío Region.

A panorama in Concepción

Located on the banks of the Biobío River, the Bicentennial Park and the Biobío Theater -Designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic– will be the scenarios of the REC-Festival, the most important musical event in southern Chile, which this 2022 celebrates its seventh edition. Between November 2 and 6, Concepción will be the epicenter of cultural activity in Biobío, a region with great attractions for its visitors.

Those who travel to the city of Penquista to be part of the REC will also be able to discover the wide cultural and heritage offer of the Region, among which the House of Art and the Pinacoteca University of Concepción; the Museum of Natural History and the Gallery of History in Concepción; the Isidora Cousiño Park or the Pavilions in Lota and railway ruins Saint Rosendo, among other. The tourists who come to the Bio bio region They will also be able to enjoy the panoramas that nature offers, such as visiting the Laguna San Pedro and the beaches of Arauco, Colcura and Tomé; andl Jorge Alessandri Park, the mouth of the Biobío River or the Hualpén Peninsula, among other places.


Concepcion, Chile

November 5 and 6
free entry
Bicentennial Park Biobío Theater

Adelaida Alex Anwandter Winter Starts False Aces Ceaese Chancho en Piedra Chico Trujillo Chilmaguen Dali Orostica Dayano Donki Bit Dulce y Agraz Emky Rolack Guava Flower Frank’s White Canvas FrioLento Hot Chip Javi Sanchez Javiera Mena José Tomás Kula Shaker La Ciscu Margaret La Rox Lali de la Hoz Lolein Montreal Nadrxn Nano Stern Perrosky Princess Alba Rubio Santi Fernández Soulfia Tapia Roots Tetite Tutate Elevate Vibration Yajaira Yorka


3 international
17 nationals
19 regional
33 bands
6 DJs

International meeting for the music industry
Concepcion, Chile

November 2 to 5
free entry
Biobio Theater