Recipes of Italy – Dishes on the table, the new cooking program by Benedetta Rossi

Here comes a new program by Benedetta Rossi, Italy’s most loved food star. Is titled Recipes of Italy – Dishes on the table (produced by Banijay Italia for Warner Bros. Discovery) and will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 20.20 on Real Time and streaming on Discovery+.

Four non-professional cooks will compete in spoon strokes (and fork, and rolling pin, and ladle… and whisk, but the kitchen one!), each preparing their own family recipes. Victory will decide who will become part of the new Italian cuisine cookbook.
Every episode of Recipes of Italy – Dishes on the table will focus on a particular gastronomic category, from rice to fresh pasta, from desserts to aubergines and so on.
Every evening the four protagonists of the challenge, i.e. the home cooks mentioned above, will bring their own family recipe that best interprets the theme of this episode. In addition to being a cooking program, this will certainly also be a program in which the main ingredient of the recipe will reveal emotion: in fact, everyone will bring their grandmother’s recipe, or the recipe of the dish they love to cook with their children, therefore it will be a bit like bringing a piece of one’s family, a piece of one’s life and of the history that each of us carries in our hearts, as well as on our plates.
Benedetta Rossi will be the host, ready to welcome the protagonists of each episode like a perfect hostess. In addition to listening to their stories, the cooking expert will offer her help and valuable expert advice during the preparation of the dish.

In addition to Benedetta Rossi, there will also be two other judges

To support Benedetta Rossi in the program there will be two permanent judges: the chefs Roberto Di Pinto and David Fiordigiglio. To these will be added a judge of honor who will change in each episode of the show.
Among the first confirmed guests, there are Giorgio Mastrota, Fatima Trotta, Lorenzo Biagiarelli, Tomaso Foglia, Roberto Valbuzzi and Simone Finetti, just to name a few.
The first pair of home cooks will prepare the recipes. The two chefs will be joined by Benedetta Rossi and observed by the jury. The judges will then taste the dishes once they are ready. The better of the two cooks will then sit at the head of the table and await the arrival of the new challengers, who will have to cook their family recipes. The best of all will be the one that earns the place at the head of the table. In addition to the glory of sitting at the head of the table, there is also the other glory, that of being published in the recipe book of Italy.

Benedetta Rossi, a true legend of local cuisine

Although it certainly needs no introduction, it is only right to offer at least a smattering (remaining on the subject of cooking…) on Benedetta Rossi. Famous Italian food blogger and chef, she is the most followed personality linked to the kitchen on social networks in our country.
She was born on August 27, 1980 in Mantua. She started sharing her recipes on her blog “Fatto in casa da Benedetta” in 2010. The blog has become very popular thanks to the simplicity of the advice, the step-by-step instructions, the genuine and delicious recipes and, at the end, thanks to the key ingredient: the personality of Benedetta Rossi, very friendly, nice and empathetic. An example of her empathy is the outburst that the food blogger shared on social networks a few months ago (find the video at the head of this article), exasperated by the haters who attack her fans.

Benedetta Rossi loves home cooking, which is why her recipes range from homemade pasta to homemade desserts. Her favorite channels have always been the social networks YouTube and Instagram, where she shares video tutorials and photos of her culinary preparations. Her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and has become a point of reference for anyone who wants to learn how to cook Italian dishes and original creations.
Today Benedetta Rossi is also one of the best-known television faces, as well as being one of the best-selling cookbook authors in our country.