Recognizing her after Lives at the Limit is impossible: as Dottie Perkins is today, impressive

How did Dottie Perkins become today after Lives on the Limit? Recognizing her is really impossible, impressive: here she is.

The story of Dottie Perkins, the one told during the fourth season of Lives on the Limit, is among the most tragic to tell ever before. Addicted to food since childhood, the woman told of continuing to live an unspeakable drama, which led her to seek peace and comfort in it. How has she become today?

Dottie Perkins today after Vite al Limite, how is it? Impressive. Credits: Youtube

There are those who eat for the simple sake of it and those, instead, because they realize that only by eating can they forget their unhappiness. It is the story of Joyce Del Viscovo, who in her food had found his way out of a bad relationship with her mother, but also that of Dottie Perkins. She too, as well as her “colleague”, started eating a lot since she was a child because of her mother. On the cameras of Vite al Limite, Dottie told that she was little considered by the woman and that she was able to vent all her anger in food. Over the years, however, the situation has not improved. As a mother, Perkins was faced with a new tragedy: the brain paresis of her child, which resulted in her death in 2016.

Dottie Perkins today after Vite al Limite: here she is, she is unrecognizable

From how one can clearly understand, then, the story of Dottie Perkins it was really special. And even his approach to diet, unfortunately, was not at all the best. The woman, although strongly intent on getting back in shape, was unable to obtain results immediately. And this prompted Dr. Nowzaradan to hospitalize her for a close and continuous check-up. Thanks to this “trick” of the surgeon, Perkins was able to get some more results and the pass for bariatric surgery. How did you become you today?

Coming out of the Houston clinic with only 55 kilos lighter, Dottie would seem that – as soon as she got home – she made a serious commitment to get back in shape. In our eyes, in fact, she appears totally unrecognizable! Here she is:

dottie vite to the limit
Credits: Facebook

There is absolutely nothing to say! Dottie has been a rather complicated patient for Dr. Nowzaradan, but now it would appear that she really understood the meaning of her efforts.