Record heat in Italy, peak near: how long it will last, weather forecast

From Thursday and Friday, anticyclone Charon will lose power but only in the North. In the South, however, the heat will increase further

Hot Storm or Heat Storm (storm of heat or heat), little changes. The heat and heat of the African anticyclone Charon are about to reach their peak resulting in record breaking. Antonio Sanò, founder of confirms that one of the cities, the most important in Italy, which will almost certainly beat its previous heat record (+40.7°C in June 2022) will be Rome with the expected 42°-43°C .

But the heat, often sultry, will also be infernal on other Italian cities. In some localities the heat of summer 2003 will even be beaten. then in Florence, Arezzo, Frosinone, Isernia, Campobasso. Above 40°C, after Rome, it will reach above all in the South and on the Major Islands such as Puglia (Foggia and Taranto), Sardinia (Olbia, Oristano, but in inland areas also 45-47°C as in Decimomannu), Sicily ( in the province of Catania, Syracuse and Enna).

In the presence of the Charon anticyclone, forecasts are rather easy to make and in fact the sun will prevail and the cloud cover will be very scarce, occasional and more widespread only on the Alpine borders where, among other things, a very fast heat storm can always escape us. But it will not be only the heat that will make this heat storm ‘ferocious’, but also the sultriness, caused by the high levels of humidity, which will make the physical discomfort worse. A particularly dangerous discomfort for frail people such as the elderly and children or people with respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

At sunset and up to hours close to midnight temperatures will continue to remain quite high with values ​​close to 30°C, especially in large cities. Tropical nights will therefore be experienced in most of the Italian towns, i.e. when the minimum temperature never drops below 20°C. Will this super heat wave end? The latest updates point to some abating from the African heat starting Thursday and Friday, but only in the North. In fact, from these days the African anticyclone Charon will lose power and will allow the arrival of violent storms that will first hit the Alps and then also some areas of the Po Valley. In the South, however, the heat will increase further.

Today, Tuesday 18 July – In the north: sun and intense sultry heat, some thunderstorms on the Alpine borders. In the middle: strong heat and sultriness. In the south: all sun, widespread heat.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 19 July – In the north: intense, sultry heat, thunderstorms over the Dolomites and then over Friuli, very strong. In the middle: still sun and intense heat. In the south: hotter and hotter.

Thursday 20 July – In the north: violent storms are arriving from the Alps towards the plain during the night. Less hot. Middle: sunny and warm. In the south: all sun and increasing heat.

Trend: the heat decreases in the North with the arrival of strong storms, increases in the South.