Red Carpet Venice, what the ‘influencers’ do after having walked the runway: unthinkable background

An unthinkable background was revealed on the Red Carpet in Venice: do you know what influencers do after they show?

It is the most anticipated event of the year and once again the Venice Film Festival has its eyes on it. Many news that have been announced during these days and many others that will be announced. If, however, there is great anticipation for everything that will happen until the end of this seventy-ninth edition, the opposite cannot be said about the influencers who will enchant the Red Carpet in Venice in the coming days.

Cinema Exhibition. Credits: Rai Play

Starting with Beatrice Valli, who enchanted everyone with her look, up to Paola Turani, Rosa Perrotta and many others, the influencers who walked the Venice Red Carpet this year are truly different. Beyond the controversies that, year after year, are created around their presence at the Film Festival, it must be said that this is aimed at a single purpose: to advertise the different brands that take part in the event as sponsors.

It is precisely on the parade that influencers hold on the Venice Red Carpet that an unthinkable background has been revealed. During one of the previous episodes of La Vita in Diretta, Rossana Cacio told what no one would ever have imagined.

Nobody imagines what influencers do after walking on the Venice Red Carpet

It would seem that La Vita in Diretta intends to leave its audience stunned episode after episode. Not only Adriana Volpe’s ‘shock’ revelation about Ilary Blasi, but also the unthinkable background on influencer after parading on the Venice Red Carpet. These days, we only talk about them, their looks and their beauty: have you ever wondered, however, what they do after having followed one another in front of the photographers’ flashes? Rossana Cacio told La Vita in Diretta a background that, without a doubt, no one would have ever imagined.

Around a table where Rosanna Cancellieri, Barbara Foria and Stefania Orlando were seated, Alberto Matano spoke about this seventy-ninth edition of the Venice Film Festival. And he gave the word to his sent him to reveal some little ‘gems’ of the ‘behind the scenes’. From famous national and overseas stars to famous local influencers, there are many faces that are taking part in the event. If the actresses of a certain fame, however, enter the theater to watch the projections of the films immediately after having walked on the red carpet, what do the influencers do? Maybe not everyone knows, but it would seem that their participation in the event ends immediately after, coming out of an emergency exit.

red carpet venice influencer
Life live. Credits: Rai Play

A truly unthinkable background and that, of course, no one would have ever imagined.