Red Sea, Crosetto: “Houthis worse than Hamas, weapon of China and Russia against the EU”

The Houthi militiamen in Yemen are worth “10 times Hamas” from a military point of view and with their attacks on shipping in the Red Sea they threaten Italy’s economic stability by creating “a competitive imbalance” in favor of China and Russia: explained by Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, in a hearing at the Defense commissions of the Chamber and Senate in which he illustrated the European Aspides mission in which Italy will participate with a ship for 12 months and perhaps also with surveillance planes.

The economic impact

“Traffic from Russia and China, by express will of the Houthis, will be able to continue to pass through the Red Sea and this creates a competitive imbalance which will have a violent and asymmetric impact on us and our economies”, underlined Crosetto. The ones who will pay the price will be above all “Europe and in particular the countries of the southern shore such as Italy due to the marginalization of the Mediterranean”, the minister warned, “for this reason it is necessary to act immediately and effectively to affirm international law and the free transit of goods”.

The Aspides mission

Europe will deploy the Aspides mission in the Red Sea, which should have its headquarters in Larissa, Greece, as Crosetto anticipated. “At least one Italian ship will be part of it for 12 months” (currently the missile frigate Martinengo, ed.), he added. The military response is even more urgent in light of the escalation in attacks by the Houthi rebels: more than 30 in the last two months with “an exponential increase in frequency and danger” given that they have become “true attacks of a military nature” in a scenario that “increasingly resembles a theater of war”. The Shiite militiamen in Yemen, the minister underlined, “are the most organized group” among those financed by Iran: “Much more than Hezbollah” and “they are worth ten times Hamas”.