Red Sea, Tajani on Houthi threats to Italy: “We will not be intimidated”

The objective of the mission is the defense of maritime traffic. “We are not attacking anyone, but if there are attacks we will respond” assures the foreign minister

“Italy is not intimidated by the threats of the pro-Iranian Houthi militia which has Western merchant ships in its sights in the Red Sea”, explains Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, opening the session on growth diplomacy at the Med Dialogues. “The European Union mission in the Red Sea will be an operational defense mission because there is an attack underway and therefore a reaction in response is expected, if necessary.” The deputy prime minister reiterated this after the leader of the Yemeni group, Mohamed Ali al-Houti, threatened to attack Italy.

Military reaction in case of attack

“‘We defend merchant traffic, we don’t attack anyone, but we don’t want to be attacked by anyone” added Tajani underlining that ”there is free maritime movement and if there are attacks we will respond”. This was underlined by the minister who he adds: ”The Houthis are a terrorist organization”.

Houthis threaten Red Sea telecommunications cables

The Houthis may be planning to sabotage Western telecommunications cables laid in the Red Sea, 100 meters underground, denounce Yemeni telecommunications companies still associated with the UN-recognized government. The alarm was raised after a Telegram channel considered close to the Houthis published a map of the digital infrastructures on the bottom of the Red Sea and the message: “Here are the maps of the international cables that connect all the regions of the world from the sea. It seems that the Yemen is in a strategic position, given that Internet lines that connect entire continents, not just countries, pass close to the country.”