Referees against Le Iene: “Unacceptable accusations”

Aia takes his stand after the broadcast report

The referees against Le Iene. The Italian referees’ association (Aia) is attacking the broadcast of Italia 1 for a report which, with a testimony attributed to a referee who, anonymously and with a ‘masked’ voice, denounces anomalies in the refereeing system, with favored whistles and others penalized. Among the statements, not supported by concrete elements, there is also an overview of the errors made in the matches, with unfounded findings such as those relating to Vlahovic’s goal in the Juventus-Roma match.

“The Italian Referees Association considers the accusations launched yesterday evening, anonymously, via a television broadcast, unacceptable. These are allegations that have no concrete basis. The technical management of the CAN, as well as of all the other National Commissions, is based on precise evaluations referring to refereeing performances”, the position of the Hague in a note published on its official website.

“If anyone believes they have concrete elements on what was declared during the broadcast, by a person with a hidden face and an altered voice, come forward and follow the official channels bringing the evidence – underlines the President of the Hague Carlo Pacifici – We, confirming our trust in Gianluca Rocchi and his entire Commission, believe that instead there is absolute insubstantiality of the accusations launched, aimed only at casting a shadow on an important work that is being carried out. We believe that if we are behind this move were it for internal political reasons, it would be a very serious matter, because this would mean not loving this Association”.

Furthermore, the rumor according to which the referee Rocchi would have scolded the referee Rapuano between the first and second half of the Inter-Napoli Super Cup was denied. Rocchi would have remained dissatisfied after the first half and would have catechized the match director: “The Hague – we read in the note – also rejects the suppositions, published today on some online sites, regarding the descent into the changing rooms of the CAN manager Gianluca Rocchi , during the interval of the Italian Super Cup final. This decision is in fact linked, as is evident, to the communication to the referee of the FIGC authorization to observe a minute’s silence at the start of the second half due to the death of Gigi Riva”, concludes the communicated.