Referees, Trentalange has resigned as president

The number 1 of the referees association leaves office

Alfredo Trentalange has resigned from the office of President of the Italian Referees Association. This evening, at 21, the Members of the National Committee of The Hague will meet the Presidents of the respective macro-regions via videocall to explain the reasons for this choice.

The former referee Trentalange had risen to the leadership of the referees’ association in February 2021, succeeding the outgoing president Marcello Nicchi after beating him in the elections. Trentalange’s decision to leave the leadership of The Hague comes after the number of the association ended up at the center of the storm after the notice of conclusion of the investigations by the FIGC prosecutor on the D’Onofrio case, the Hague prosecutor arrested for international drug trafficking.

The decision to resign, which Trentalange would not have wanted to take, comes after the number one of the Italian Referees Association was heard by the FIGC prosecutor Chiné, with the referral that was just around the corner given that Trentalange, according to the prosecutor’s office, would have omitted any initiative aimed at ascertaining D’Onofrio’s real professional and moral requirements.