Referendum in Paris, parking prices for SUVs tripled

France and, specifically, Paris’s crackdown on SUVs. The citizens of the capital, in fact, approved with 54.55% the proposal of the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo to triple parking prices for vehicles belonging to this category. Even if only 5.68% of voters went to vote.

The vehicles affected

According to the municipality’s project, now, the owner of a combustion or plug-in hybrid vehicle weighing more than 1.6 tonnes, or two tonnes if it is an electric vehicle, will soon have to pay 18 euros an hour to park in central districts of the capital, 12 euros for the outer districts. However, residents who park in their neighborhood and professionals, including taxis, will not be affected by the fare increase. The resolution will be presented in May to then be applied from September 1st, as reported by Hidalgo herself when announcing the results. It was, said the mayor, a “clear choice by Parisians” in favor of a measure that was “good for our health and good for the planet”.

The reasons behind the referendum

What were the reasons behind the referendum? The first was the environmental one: according to the Parisian municipality which examined data from the International Energy Agency, an SUV pollutes 20% more than a small car. And then there is the question of the greater space occupied by this type of car as well as a question of safety, since a larger car has a greater possibility of seriously injuring a pedestrian or cyclist in the event of an accident. Paris, by the way, is not the first French city to introduce a similar measure. Only a few days ago the Municipality of Lyon announced that a similar measure will come into force on its territory from June.