Referendum justice, CasaPound for the yes

“The Palamara case was just the tip of the iceberg. We want a justice system free from political pressure”

CasaPound stands for the yes to the referendum on justice.

“That of 12 June is a referendum that has gone too far in the background, especially considering that it touches fundamental profiles of the Italian legal system – reads a note released by the movement – Despite the belief that these are not issues that can be referred to a simple question referendum, our choice can only be this: 5 yes, one for each question. It is no longer acceptable to have to deal with a judicial system. use justice as a means of coercion to eliminate and bury opponents, especially and coincidentally during electoral periods. The Palamara case was only the tip of the iceberg of many, too many episodes that have and continue to involve the judiciary. Now it will be the the Italian people to speak out where Parliament has not guilty of intervening “.