Reforms, 800 sub-amendments to the premiership: over 700 from the Democratic Party, none from Action

Over 800 deposited at Palazzo Madama and Avs proposes scrutiny by the Constitutional Court

Over 800 sub-amendments to Government amendments Melons

on the premiership were deposited at Palazzo Madama by the opposition. More than 700 accounted for by the Democratic Party and 100 by Avs; 2 from Italia viva and 4 from the 5 Star Movement. Zero sub-amendments on the part of Azione instead.

A sub-amendment to contest the anti-reversal rule comes from Italia viva: “There is the need to give a harmonious framework to the proposal for the reform of the premiership and the Government’s amendment further complicates the prime minister’s affair because it introduces a cumbersome option of the second prime minister that we have defined the right of branch”, comments the group leader Enrico Borghi to Adnkronos.

“Since we are in favor of the well-known statement of ‘simul stabunt simul cadent’ – he explains – we believe that we must present amendments suppressing the proposed modification and restoring what we have proposed in our Bill, namely that if the prime minister elected by the people is distrusted by Parliament, the word must go back to the voters”.

Italia viva also intervenes with another sub-amendment on the blank semester: “we suppress – we read in the text signed by Dafne Musolino and Enrico Borghi – the provision aimed at allowing early dissolution even during the blank semester when “due act”, given that this forecast is connected to the so-called second round, the suppression of which is also proposed”.

The sub-amendments of the M5s are few and stringent, submitting 4 of them, reiterating “strongly our line – the senator reports to Adnkronos Alessandra Maiorino – constructive no-confidence, ceiling of two mandates without exceptions, power to appoint and dismiss ministers by the PCM via the PDR, abolishing the reference to the majority bonus”. They remain in obstructionism PD and Avs: the Democratic Party places over 700 sub-amendments on the government’s 4 amendments on the premiership; and Adv after more than 1014 to the basic text of the constitutional bill, it imposes 100 sub-amendments on the Government’s proposal, “wrong and should be sent back. A legal disgrace, contrary to the fundamental principles of our Constitution”, he comments De Cristofaro to Adnkronos.

“AVS is against it and we consider this proposal unamendable. The right has presented an incomprehensible text full of errors”. “With our divers – adds De Cristofaro – we propose the screening of Constitutional Court on the appointment of the prime minister. We say no to the majority bonus and direct election. We introduce the maximum limit of 2 consecutive legislatures. We increase the powers of the president of the republic regarding the resignation of the prime minister and give him back the power to dissolve the chambers and appoint a new prime minister. Let’s reintroduce the blank semester”. (by Roberta Lanzara)