Reforms, Calenda: “No net presidentialism”

The leader of Action: “The Head of State represents the unity of the nation”

“We represented the fact that we are clearly against and not available on presidentialism for the very simple reason that the President of the Republic is the only institution that enjoys the trust of citizens in Italy, because he represents the unity of the nation”. So the leader of Action Carlo Calenda after the meeting with the Minister of Reforms Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati.

“We have presented our position which is very clear: we are in favor of a prime ministership, i.e. a Prime Minister with stronger powers, even directly elected with an electoral law that can be in two rounds, like that of mayors or even proportional, with a coalition premier,” he says. “But above all we have shown that in our opinion the discussion on Parliament and therefore on the unicameral system must go hand in hand: There is and will remain in Italy only the Senate which cannot be abolished because it has been called that since Roman times”.

“Macro-regions? Now is the time for creativity. I am for the restoration of centuriate rallies”, he says, referring to the favor expressed by the leader of Noi Moderati, Maurizio Lupi, on macro-regions.

“We are talking about macro-regions, we reintegrate the provinces, the municipalities become the states …. but can this be discussed in a country that does not work with the first one who gets up, comes up with an idea and takes it out? The reforms – he concludes – are a little more serious than that.”