Reforms, Conte to Meloni: “No with majority blows” – Video

M5S against the direct election of the President of the Republic and prime minister but says yes to the confrontation in an ad hoc commission

No to blows of the majority. This is Giuseppe Conte’s recommendation to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for the discussion on the reforms. “We have invited President Meloni – said the former prime minister and M5S president at the end of the meeting with the government in Montecitorio – to maintain an interlocution because with the blows of the majority an ambition to redefine the framework and the institutional structure of our country is absolutely not recommendable”.

No of the M5s to the direct election of the President of the Republic or the Prime Minister. “For our part we are willing to strengthen the premier’s powersbut in a context which remains balanced and which does not mortify the parliamentary function”.

“We have recommended – Conte reported – to do not cultivate the ambition to transplant completely different modelshoping that they will then work, placed in our very peculiar economic-social, political and institutional context”.

“We have told the government that it seems to us an absolute contradiction to pursue a project of differentiated regional autonomy thrust that empties government functions in favor of the Regions and then strengthen the powers and prerogatives of the central government“.

“We shared a diagnosis on some critical issues of our system, we recognize these critical issues starting from the problem of the instability of the executives, we are absolutely aware that this is a problem that we should solve, such as that of guaranteeing Parliament a more functional path. The theme – underlines the 5-star leader – is that a sharing of the solution did not come out“.

However “we declared ourselves available, as far as the method is concerned, for a dialogue in an ad hoc parliamentary commission, who can devote himself continuously and constantly to this perspective. And, indeed, we recommend this path,” Conte urged.