Reforms, criminal lawyer Massi: “We need certification of the organizational models of collective bodies”

20 years after the standard, “it has now become indispensable to introduce the certification of organizational models of the collective entitiesWhich businessescompanies and associations, because a guarantee instrument is needed for the entities that adopt these models”. Criminal lawyer Silvia Massi, associate of Criminal law of the Faculty of Law of the International Telematic University Uninettuno, which brought up the issue of certification of organizational models on the table during a meeting in the Sala Zuccari of the Senate.

Massi presented his proposal during a debate which was also attended by the Vice-President of the Senate Maurizio Gasparri and, in conjunction, by the Deputy Minister of Justice Francesco Paolo Sisto. “The certification – explained Silvia Massi – is a guarantee instrument for companies in the assessment of the suitability of the organizational model by the criminal judge”. “The proposal to reform the law – he added – comes because to date the evaluation of the organizational model is left to the discretion of the criminal judge and, instead, with the certification a presumption of suitability of the model is introduced into the process which the criminal judge should then overcome with a strengthened motivation”.

The meeting also saw interventions by magistrates and leading legal experts who debated the main questions posed twenty years after the entry into force of the discipline, to provide a contribution to the legislator with a view to reform. The Magnificent Rector of the Uninettuno University, Maria Amata Garito, also intervened during the works.