Reforms, Government in the pipeline: we are moving towards the premiership if there is support from the minority

Starting hypothesis: government bill, also being examined by the drafting parliamentary or bicameral bill

The discussion table with the parliamentary groups wanted by the minister for institutional reforms Elisabetta Casellati is in the pipeline. According to Adnkronos from sources close to the Executive the Meloni government does not exclude alternative solutions to presidentialism, such as the hypothesis of the premiership. “There are some creaks” instead on the differentiated autonomy on which “a compromise will have to be sought. A text this week will not be able to be brought to the Council of Ministers, probably next week”.

With Meloni, following Casellati’s consultations, “there have already been a couple of meetings”. The position that emerged is that “the Government does not rule out going in the direction of the premiership, which it is a more digestible condition for minorities and in any case could ensure stability for the Executive, realizing the goal of the Prime Minister”, the sources explain condition: that through Casellati’s talks there is the support of at least a part of the minority. The direct election of the Prime Minister, rather than of the Republic, on the model of Renzi’s Mayor of Italy (model of the municipalities carried over to the national level) could overcome the perplexities advanced by the minority and be a reference model.

After the talks and the political confrontation, the starting hypothesis they can be different. The simplest and most immediate is the presentation of a government billbut you could also opt for a shared parliamentary bill or for the creation of a bicameral drafting commission. (by Roberta Lanzara)