Reforms, Maneuver 2024, migrants: what Meloni said today

The Prime Minister to the citizens: “Do you want to decide or are you going to watch the parties?”. On the agreement with Albania: “Let’s not talk about deportation”

From the 2024 budget to the reforms via the agreement with Albania. These are the topics addressed today by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In the morning, the national assembly of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises was the opportunity to talk about the measure. “Despite the resources available which were not many, given the past with the debts of the Superbonus for 20 billion in 2024 and the greater interest on the debt resulting from the ECB’s decision to raise interest rates” two measures “which together were worth a financial we rolled up our sleeves” and in the budget law “we concentrated everything we had on a few priority and expansive measures”, he said, defining it in ‘Giorgia’s Notes’ as “serious, realistic”, which “does not throw resources out the window”.

Work and minimum wage

“Work is the government’s absolute priority,” assured Meloni. “All our work is bearing fruit, especially on the subject of the labor market which in these 12 months has recorded a series of employment records: highest number of employed people ever, highest number of women employed ever, highest number of jobs permanent contracts ever. The employment rate – underlined the Prime Minister – in September reached 61.7%, the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in the last 15 years and since September last year we have had 512 thousand jobs more work”, the Prime Minister rattles off the numbers: “They are encouraging signs that say that we must continue on this path”.

“There is a salary problem,” he later admitted. But “it cannot be solved with the minimum hourly wage, I believe that in their hearts – he states – even those who today say that it is the most important thing that can be done know this but when they were in government they were careful not to implement this measure “.


Again in his ‘Notes’, he asked the citizens about the reforms and saying stop the governments chosen on the citizens’ heads: “What do you want to do, do you want to count and decide or stand by and watch while the parties decide for you? This is the question we will ask if it is necessary and when it is necessary.” “This reform – he underlined – does not serve anyone, it serves everyone, regardless of who governs and even those who out of political calculation are opposing it without offering serious topics because the truth is that they have become so used to governing by losing elections that they want to continue doing so in the future.”

Agreement with Albania

In his notes Meloni also spoke about the agreement with Albania: “We have signed a historic agreement with Albania” which “has sparked discussion”, “a totally innovative agreement on the management of migratory flows. With this agreement Italy and Albania collaborate on three fundamental objectives: combating human trafficking; preventing irregular migratory flows; welcoming into Europe only those who truly have the right to international protection”. “I’m proud” of the agreement, “obviously anyone who doesn’t agree can say what they want, but I think we can’t argue that we intend to deport someone to a nation that is a candidate for entry into the European Union.”

“What does the agreement provide? In essence it provides for Albania to give Italy the possibility of using some areas in Albanian territory to create, under Italian jurisdiction, two structures to manage entry, temporary reception, the processing of asylum applications and possibly the repatriation of illegal immigrants – he said again – In a first structure, located in the port of Shengjin, Italy will take care of the disembarkation and identification procedures and here it will create a first reception center where carry out an initial screening activity. In the innermost area of ​​Gjader, however, a second structure will be created on the CPR model for subsequent procedures, including repatriation. The jurisdiction of these centers will be entirely Italian. Italian personnel and the our police forces, our asylum commissions, exactly as happens in the centers present on our national territory. There will be no difference, except that women and children are excluded from this possibility”.

“Albania will instead collaborate with its police forces on the security front and on the surveillance of the structures. The two centers will be able to accommodate up to three thousand immigrants at the same time to carry out border procedures. Procedures which, thanks to this government, can let’s say be sold out in 28 days. For this reason, up to 36 thousand migrants can be managed in Albania over the course of a year.”

“I consider this agreement an agreement with a great European scope. An agreement with which Albania confirms itself not only as a nation historically friendly to Italy, but also a nation friendly to Europe, to the European Union, because despite the Albania is not yet part of the EU. Tirana is in fact behaving as if it already were, making choices that are absolutely in line with the principles of cooperation and solidarity that are the basis of the European Union. It is an agreement that according to us is historic, also because it can become a model for other nations, a model of collaboration between EU countries and non-EU countries on the management of migratory flows. And I am proud of the fact that we and Albania were the first to imagine a solution of this type”.

Bad weather in Tuscany: “Immediate government intervention”

“The umpteenth flood, which this time mainly affected Tuscany, has left victims, displaced people and devastation. This time too, the government intervened immediately by declaring a state of emergency and allocating the first useful resources to allow local institutions to cope, with the exemptions that serve to move quickly, the rescue and assistance initiatives for the evacuated population, the restoration of the main road network especially through the removal of mud and debris”, he said again in his ‘Notes’.

“The Civil Protection will later evaluate the provision of the additional necessary resources, when clearly the Tuscany region will have finished the analytical reconnaissance of the damage, but I want to wholeheartedly thank the over three thousand volunteer operators, the firefighters, the police forces , the armed forces, the mobile columns coming from twelve regions for the extraordinary, admirable work they are doing. As always, in the face of difficulties, Italy shows its most beautiful side and I obviously want to renew the government’s condolences and for my through the whole of Italy to the loved ones of the families of the nine victims that we have unfortunately registered so far”.