Reforms, Meloni to the citizens: “Do you want to decide or are you watching the parties?”

The Prime Minister: “Those who are used to governing by losing elections are opposing them”

“What do you want to do, do you want to count and decide or stand by and watch while the parties decide for you? This is the question we will ask if it is necessary and when it is necessary.” Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in her ‘Giorgia’s Notes’ – “the column with which we take stock of the most important initiatives carried out by the government” – regarding the reforms, saying stop to governments chosen on the minds of citizens. “This reform – he attacked – does not serve anyone, it serves everyone, regardless of who governs and even those who are opposing it out of political calculation know this without however offering serious arguments because the truth is that they have become so accustomed to governing by losing their elections that want to continue to do so in the future”.

“We’ll start this episode from here, from the room in Palazzo Chigi where the photographs of all the prime ministers from the unification of Italy to today are collected – he said at the beginning of the video – These are the last prime ministers. There , where there is an empty space, when the mandate of this government is over my photo will also appear, but it takes time, at least another four years.”

In his notes Meloni also spoke about the maneuver, calling it “serious, realistic”, which “does not throw resources out the window”.