Reforms, Zanda: “Bill for single mandate? No link with Mattarella bis”

The former leader of the Pd group with Parrini is finalizing the proposal: “We will present it next week”. And he denies “absolutely” any connection with the Quirinale affair

The constitutional reform proposal is still in ‘work’. “We are finishing the report. We will present the proposal next week,” Senator Luigi Zanda told Adnkronos. The ex-leader of the Pd group in the Senate with Dario Parrini, president of the Constitutional Affairs commission of Palazzo Madama, is developing a constitutional bill that modifies Article 88: that is, the Head of State can be compulsorily elected for a single term , resulting in the disappearance of the blank semester.

Why this proposal, Senator? “It does not seem like an extraordinary novelty to me, it is an issue that has been addressed several times in the past. President Mattarella has expressed his opinion on his mandate several times. Segni and Leone had already talked about it and had done it very clearly. But I stop here because we are still working with other colleagues and in the coming days we will present the proposal in detail “.

It has not yet been presented but it is already being discussed, Senator … There are those who see in this constitutional bill a signal to the Quirinale from the Nazarene, the commitment to make a re-appointment possible for the last time, the Mattarella bis so to speak. Is that so? “How much imagination … There is absolutely no connection”.