Refugee burned Quran, Sweden does not renew permit

A refugee, Iraqi citizen, Salwan Momika, burned copies of the Koran in Sweden and for this reason will not get an extension of his residence permit. Momika allegedly provided false information to Migrationsverket, the Swedish migration agency, which therefore decided not to extend her political asylum status. Momika has already publicly announced that he does not accept the decision: “He will not leave Sweden, I live and die here. The migration agency has made a serious mistake. I suspect that the decision is due to hidden political motivations. I will appeal,” he added. .

The reconstruction of the facts

Currently his permit is reportedly valid until 16 April 2024, after which he will have to leave Sweden and will not be able to return for a period of five years. Public TV announced that there are several photos showing how Momika was part of an armed militia when he lived in Iraq. This contrasts with the refugee’s statements to Swedish authorities and suggests that he has not only been politically active in his home country, but also an active member of a militant group.