Refurbished iPhones, Swappie presents the new Premium series

Swappie, a Finnish company among the leaders in the refurbished iPhone market – that is, second-hand, refurbished – presented the new Premium Series. It is a new category of products, they explain to us, “characterized by impeccable functionality and aesthetics and a 100% battery as standard”.

How the Premium Series works

There are more and more consumers who are attentive to the environment and the circularity of the economy – they tell from Swappie – and more and more are those who buy supplies from sites like Swappie to buy refurbished products avoiding the spreading of precious resources and electronic waste in the environment . The Premium series is aimed at all those who are interested in this “ethical way” of buying but are not 100% convinced of buying a second-hand product. For this reason, the iPhones included in the category are iPhones – limited in number and models – in the best condition, aesthetically like new, with a 100% functional battery as standard. A product – they go so far as to say at Swappie – superior to new because it has technical characteristics of excellence that add to the ethical and environmental value of the reconditioned. Buying a smartphone of this type – they assure – is equivalent to avoiding the emission of 78% of CO2 compared to buying a new model.

What Swappie is and how it works

A Finnish company founded in 2016, Swappie has set itself the mission of offering people a way to update their smartphones that is high quality, convenient and environmentally friendly. It features a 52-step refurbishment process, consistent quality across all devices sold, and was recognized as the fastest growing company in Europe in 2022.

The collaboration with WRÅD

On the occasion of the launch of the new Premium Series Swappie also announced a partnership with WRÅD, a design studio and innovative company with a focus on sustainable development. The collaboration, which combines technology with fashion and sustainability, involves the creation of a product, an iPhone bag, in cotton recovered from cutting waste deriving from the production of its own line of jackets treated with beeswax, a material resistant able to protect the phone and therefore guarantee an extension of the life cycle.