“Regal as always”: Carolina de Moras blew up the net with a daring change of look

Carol de Morasa former host of the Viña del Mar Festival, has left her followers speechless with an impressive makeover that has generated both love and hate on social media.

The model and wife of the former minister Felipe Bulnes, has left behind its previous image to give way to a new style that has been the topic of conversation on the web. Through her Instagram account, of blackberries shared a video showing the entire process of her radical hair transformation.

The haircut surprised many, including his 846,000 followers, who were quick to express their opinion about it. Some of her most faithful admirers praised the new look: “You are beautiful with what you wear regal”, “Regal as always”, “It looks beautiful on you.”

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However, not all comments were positive. Some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the blonde tone that the model chose: “Sorry, I don’t like it so blonde for you, but the important thing is that you feel pretty”, “Very fome, it doesn’t come from the root blonde.” There were even those who considered that the change was not successful: “Nooooo very blonde, it doesn’t suit you, more brown yes.”

Despite the criticism, the former “Good morning everyone” cheerleader was happy with her new look and assured that she felt comfortable with the change: “Trying the new style with curtain bangs from my dear @gonzaloleonidas.”