Regasifiers and waste-to-energy plants, what divides Letta and Calenda

More problems on the gas front, essentially in line with waste

Waiting for the decisive confrontation, between requests and appeals, and net of vetoes on people, to divide or unite Action and the Pd in ​​terms of content is the question of Carlo Calenda to Enrico Letta: “We can have a clear answer on regasifiers and waste-to-energy plants“?

Difficult to arrive on both fronts. On the one hand, there is the Action program, with a clear position on the first issue. “We can no longer afford any delay in the construction of energy and transport infrastructures. We need to proceed with the construction of two regasifiers with extraordinary procedures, and the strategic energy sites must be constantly manned to ensure their safety, full operation and rapid implementation”. And then there is the position of Calenda on waste-to-energy plants. A tweet from May 6th is effective. “Burning waste to produce energy is a circular economy. Clean capitals have waste-to-energy plants, alternative is landfill. In Rome we saw the M5S method: promise 70% differentiated, leave it STILL at 44% = city invaded by waste. Enough idiocy, at least in Rome” .

On the other hand, there are the positions of the Democratic Party. On the regasifiers, the internal dialectic of the Democratic Party is certainly articulated. The concept of ecological transition weighs heavily, which in the Dem house has a more marked connotation than the calendian pragmatism. And the local realities also weigh, the example of Piombino is clear but also applies to Brindisi or Taranto, where the opposition to ships in port is strong. Read he has never formally closed the door to regasifiers but he has never even expressed himself in favor. Precisely to seek mediation between the different souls, in the party and in the potential coalition led by the Democratic Party.

There are basically no distances on the waste-to-energy plants. And the words of the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, are significant. “Rome will have the waste-to-energy plant and the other plants on schedule, it will stop squandering resources to send its waste around Italy and Europe, it will finally become as clean as it deserves”.