Regenerated waste oils: an economic and ecological success with a positive impact on health and the environment

The recycling of used oils has allowed Italy to save around 130 million euros in crude oil imports. This is the figure that emerges from the sustainability report presented by the National Consortium for Used Oils (CONOU), an agency founded in 1982 and which makes use of about 70 companies for the disposal of mineral oils. In 2022, over 98% of waste oil was successfully regenerated, leading to significant savings and environmental benefits. Thanks to this practice, 130 million euros have been saved on the oil bill. The economic impact has been significant and has involved over 1,200 workers along the entire supply chain. “Sustainability is like a three-legged table, the foundations are the energy transition, the circular economy and the change of habits” said Riccardo Piunti, President of CONOU. The CONOU report also shows how the Italian supply chain is one of the most efficient in Europe, where the recycling average is 61%. “Italy is one of the countries in the world that has a high recycling capacity” said Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Minister of the Environment, speaking via video at the conference. “Italy has no raw materials, it is a country that makes its strength from its ingenuity”. But the benefits don’t stop there: the regeneration of used oils has also resulted in a significant environmental benefit. A good 64,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent have been avoided, making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. In addition, there has been a 91% reduction in the incidence of particulate-related diseases, thus improving people’s health. These results demonstrate the importance of promoting and encouraging sustainable practices such as the regeneration of waste oils. Not only are significant economic savings achieved, but it also contributes to preserving the environment and improving people’s quality of life. It is a tangible example of how innovation and environmental awareness can go hand in hand for a better future.