Regina Elisabetta: the numbers between news, records and curiosities

From hats to trips, from dogs to the Olympics: 70 years of reign as a protagonist

Queen Elizabeth II, 96, made an indelible mark in her 70-year reign. The figure of the sovereign, an absolute reference in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, beyond the official role and the institutional role, has been ‘enriched’ by details that have made her even more special.

Elizabeth, for example, celebrated her birthday (at least) twice every year. On the date of her birth, April 21, 1926, she joined the anniversary linked to the first weekend of June with the Trooping the Color parade, according to a tradition introduced by King George II.

Every public release, or almost, has been ‘branded’ by a hat. The accessory used by Elisabetta is an icon. In the royal wardrobe it should even contain 5000, used several times and set aside only for wear.

In her ‘career’, Elizabeth worked with 15 prime ministers. The sovereign took the throne on February 6, 1952 and began to reign during the tenure of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Downing Street was followed by Anthony Eden (1955), Harold Macmillan (1957), Alec Douglas-Home (1963), Harold Wilson (1964), Edward Heath (1970), Harold Wilson bis (1974), James Callaghan (1976 ), Margaret Thatcher (1979), John Major (1990), Tony Blair (1997), Gordon Brown (2007), David Cameron (2010), Theresa May (2016), Boris Johnson (2019) and Liz Truss (2022).

The kingdom that has unfolded through 2 centuries has been characterized by a long series of records, more or less official. Elizabeth was the longest-lived sovereign in the history of the United Kingdom and the oldest, registry in hand. No one has traveled more than her (over 120 official trips) and she is the only one to have attended the opening of two editions of the Summer Olympics: in Montreal in 1976 and in London in 2012.

The photos have often immortalized Elizabeth at the wheel. Well, the Queen drove without ever having taken the driving test and without having obtained a license: in London and its surroundings, only those sitting on the throne can drive without a license. The document, on the other hand, is formally issued in the name of the sovereign … Similar speech for the passport. No document for Elisabetta.

In the biography of the sovereign there is also the word ‘Corgi’, which identifies the breed of dog preferred by the sovereign. It is estimated that Elizabeth has looked after about thirty specimens during her life, starting with the first ‘pet’ – Susan – she received as a gift at the age of 18.

Elisabetta, queen in the era of social media and the most extreme hi-tech, has brought the monarchy (also) to the web and the virtual world. In 1976 she became the first sovereign to send an email: it happened on March 26, 46 years ago, with a message sent from a military base through the Arpanet network.