Regional elections, dispute in the centre-right over candidates after the ‘rip’ in Trento

After the exit of Fratelli d’Italia from the Northern League Fugatti’s council, Meloni could meet Salvini and Tajani to try to find a solution after the chaos of the last few days

If the agreement in Trentino is not respected, there is no point in convening new tables or stipulating new agreements. This, Adnkronos learns, is the orientation of Fratelli d’Italia while in the center-right there is a clash over the candidacies for the next regional elections. In Via della Scrofa the decision of Northern League member Maurizio Fugatti did not go down well at allconfirmed president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, not to appoint the Melonian exponent Francesca Gerosa as his deputycontrary to the provisions of the agreement stipulated between Fdi and Lega before the elections. A ‘slap’ to which Giorgia Meloni’s party decided to respond by leaving the council but guaranteeing, in any case, external support for Fugatti’s second mandate.

There the situation is not any calmer in Sardinia, where for Fratelli d’Italia there are no conditions to re-nominate the current governor Christian Solinas, secretary of the Sardinian Action Party supported by Matteo Salvini’s League, for the next regional elections. On the other hand, the Northern League’s doubts would deepen regarding the outgoing president of Basilicata Vito Bardi, in the Forza Italia party, who would welcome a candidacy from Pasquale Pepe, former senator and current collaborator of Matteo Salvini at Palazzo Chigi. Bardi, however, was shielded by FI secretary Antonio Tajani, who underlined that the race of the former deputy general commander of the Guardia di Finanza is not in question.

The deputy secretary of the League, Andrea Crippa, also spoke on the regional chaos today, asking for the re-nomination of the outgoing centre-right governors without vetoes: “In March three regions go to the vote, Sardinia, governed by our Solinas, Basilicata led by the blue Bardi and Abruzzo with the Melonian Marsilio, I think it is natural to re-nominate the three outgoing governors of the centre-right”, stated Crippa, underlining that “it is in the spirit of the coalition to find an agreement on all the names, in order to start the electoral campaign and not waste time”.

For Fratelli d’Italia, however, it is unthinkable to start a new negotiation without first having mended the ‘rip’ that occurred in Trentino. In the meantime Many in the center-right continue to hope for a summit between the leaders of the coalition to unravel the messand it is not excluded that Meloni could meet this week with Salvini and Tajani to try to find a solution after the chaos of the last few days.