Regional Sardinia 2024, sources Fratelli d’Italia: “Stop on Truzzu”

“Solinas hypothesis non-existent in Sardinia. Rule confirming leavers? Already failed in Sicily with Musumeci”

“Non-existent hypothesis”. So a big di Brothers of Italy, speaking to Adnkronos, forcefully criticizes the race of the outgoing governor Christian Solinas in Sardinia, strongly supported by the League. For Fdi, despite the Northern League’s position firmly expressed yesterday by the Northern League vice-president Andrea Crippa, the data has already been drawn: the outgoing mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu will be the one to play the game for the leadership of the Region. “In 2024, with Fdi leading the coalition – comments the same source – it is unthinkable out of 5 Regions to entrust two to the League and two to Fi, leaving only one to us”.

But the problem, as highlighted in Fratelli d’Italia circles, is not only within the party led by Giorgia Meloni. “Around Solinas – the belief – it would not be possible to forge a coalition that goes beyond the League and the Sardinian Action Party”. On Thursday, the very long 9-hour meeting on Sardinian soil decreed the line, with the majority ready to support Truzzu and not Solinas: the mayor of Cagliari “is therefore the only possibility, the path marked out for victory. Within reach, considering the divisions that animate the front of the adversaries”, Fdi reasons.

And the rule of confirming those leaving, which the League and others appeal to, “has already left Sicily – the same sources point out – when the League and Forza Italia asked Fdi to take a step back on the outgoing Nello Musumeci”, now in the Meloni government. Obviously the hope “is to mend and ensure the unity” of the coalition. In Fdi they appear confident. “Salvini in Cagliari – it is remarked – had said that he would decide the regional table, the same table that Solinas chose 5 years ago”, despite the groans of Fdi.

“The national leaders, therefore – continue the same sources – were given full autonomy to the territory on the decision of the candidate, and after 9 hours of discussion the choice fell on Truzzu. The agreements were these: it is the regions that must decide the name The League is pushing for a national table”: at the moment there is no meeting on the agenda, party leaders confirm.

“Probably there will be, it depends on Giorgia”, we reason in Fdi, recalling that in the autumn the meetings were held but without the leaders, at the table Francesco Lollobrigida, Giovanni Donzelli, Maurizio Lupi (now back to calling for unity), Maurizio Gasparri and Roberto Calderoli. “Even if we reach the table called for by the League – it is explained in Fdi – there is total confidence on our part that it is only a step to certify what has been chosen by the territory”. So Truzzu, no ifs or buts.

Even more so since a break in Sardinia would end up triggering a domino effect in the other voting regions, therefore Basilicata, Abruzzo and Piedmont. A dangerous game, especially since, upon closer inspection, what we are arguing about today is just an appetizer. The bulk of the menu will then come, when important municipalities but also Umbria and above all Luca Zaia’s Veneto will go to the vote – post-European elections – for the challenge of the third mandate. With respect to which Fdi makes no secret of being staunchly opposed, leaving little margin – in the party’s internal reasoning – to the possibility that Zaia could win a new victory.