Regions, here’s how much they spend on software management

The report created for Adnkronos by the Administrative Journal Foundation of the Italian Republic

How much do the management and maintenance of software applications for IT services cost the Italian Regions? This was revealed by a report created for Adnkronos by the Fondazione Gazzetta Amministrativa della Repubblica italiana, which, as part of the ‘Pythagoras’ project, has drawn up a ranking of the costs incurred in 2021 by the Regions (for this item of expenditure they are not taken into consideration the data of the provincial capitals as in this case not comparable) for the maintenance of their offices and their structures, complete with the assignment of ratings.

Indeed, the Research Center of the Foundation analyzes all the official financial data of the public body in question and, through scientific research algorithms, identifies potential waste, or critical expenditure in the public accounts. The institution’s expenses in relation to the individual items are compared with the reference benchmark and, depending on the levels of expenditure variance identified, we speak of ‘positive performance’ (when the expenditure is lower than or equal to the average), ‘variance slight’ (when spending is between the average spend and 30% more), ‘significant variance’ (when spending is between the slight variance and 100% more), ‘out of control’ spending (when the expenditure exceeds the average expenditure by more than 100%. The rating – which is based exclusively on objective accounting data free from any discretionary evaluation – assigns the best performance the triple ‘A’, while the worst is assigned the letter ‘C’.

Here are all the tables and figures in the report: TABLE 1 – TABLE 2 – TABLE 3 – TABLE 4.

BASILICATA, VENETO, ABRUZZO AND CAMPANIA THE VIRTUOUS REGIONS – Basilicata, Veneto, Abruzzo and Campania are the most ‘virtuous’ Italian regions in expenditure for the management and maintenance of software applications for IT services. These are the Regions that are awarded the overall rating of AAA (TABLE 3) – (TABLE 4). In particular, for this cost item, in 2021, Basilicata spent 132,988.89 euros, Veneto 490,016.83, Abruzzo 532,748.07 and Campania 924,407.64.

To be ‘promoted’ for this type of expenditure, with an overall rating from A to AA, are also: with the double AA Calabria (1,217,987.99 euros), Puglia (2,910,410.11) and Sicily (3,675. 503.03); and then Molise (352,302.86), Tuscany (5,783,650.38) and Lazio (8,377,993.87), which won the single A.

Instead, the Regions with ‘intermediate’ performances include: with BBB Marche (2,746,577.67) and Emilia-Romagna (8,494,365.52); with BB Umbria (1,982,317.35); with B Lombardy (46,776,293.36). While the data of Trentino Alto Adige, Valle d’Aosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardinia are not comparable for this item.

IN LIGURIA AND PIEDMONT RATING C – Liguria and Piedmont are the least efficient Regions in terms of expenses for the management and maintenance of software applications for IT services. They are the only two to receive ‘C’, the worst rating.

Specifically, for this item, in 2021, Liguria (TABLE 1) spent 13,245,991.18 euros. A figure down compared to 2020, when it had reached 16,346,917.41 euros, but higher than what was recorded in the previous two years (in 2018 11,034,608.19 and in 2019 10,230,397.32).

As regards Piedmont (TABLE 2), in 2021 it spent the record amount of 47,348,118.10 euros, an increase compared to previous years: it was 40,819,576.47 in 2018, 40,235,724.11 in 2019, 2020 44,119,527.92.

IN PIEDMONT RECORDS OF SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT EXPENDITURE – Piedmont is the Italian Region which, in absolute value, holds the record for spending on the management and maintenance of software applications for IT services: 47,348,118.10 euros in 2021. An amount that earns it the worst rating, C.

Immediately after, among the Regions with the highest amounts of expenditure for this item, we find Lombardy with 46,776,293.36 euros, followed, at a distance, with amounts exceeding 10 million, by Liguria (13,245,991.18) and Sardinia (10,771,661.40). Therefore, between 5 and 10 million, there are: Emilia-Romagna (8,494,365.52), Lazio (8,377,993.87), Friuli Venezia Giulia (6,473,087.22), Tuscany (5,783,650.38 ).

LOWER SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT EXPENSES IN TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE – Trentino Alto Adige is the Italian Region which, in absolute values, has the lowest expenditure for the management and maintenance of software applications for IT services: 103,888.78 euros in 2021.

Among the Regions that spend the least on this item, always in absolute values, with an amount of less than one million, we find: Basilicata (132,988.89), Molise (352,302.86), Veneto (490,016.83), Abruzzo (532,748. 07), Campania (924,407.64). And, again, with a value between 1 and 5 million euros: Calabria (1,217,987.99), Valle d’Aosta (1,638,313.34), Umbria (1,982,317.35), Marche (2,746,577 ,67), Apulia (2,910,410.11), Sicily (3,675,503.03).