Regions, that’s how much they spend on surveillance services

The report produced for Adnkronos by the Administrative Gazette Foundation of the Italian Republic

How much do the Italian regions spend on surveillance, custody and reception services? To calculate it a report produced for Adnkronos by the Administrative Gazette Foundation of the Italian Republicwhich, as part of the ‘Pythagoras’ project, has drawn up a ranking of the costs incurred in 2020 by the Regions (for this item of expenditure the data of the provincial capitals are not taken into consideration as in this case they are not comparable) for the maintenance of their offices and structures, complete with rating assignments.

The Research Center of the Foundation, in fact, analyzes all the official financial data of the public body in question and through scientific research algorithms identifies potential waste, or critical expenses in public accounts. The expenses of the institution in relation to the individual items are compared with the reference benchmark and, depending on the levels of expenditure variance identified, we speak of ‘positive performance’ (when expenditure is less than or equal to the average), slight ‘(when the expenditure is between the average expenditure and 30% more),’ considerable deviation ‘(when the expenditure is between the slight deviation and 100% more),’ expenditure out of control ‘(when the expenditure exceeds the average expenditure by more than 100%). The rating – which is based exclusively on objective accounting data free from any discretionary assessment – assigns the triple ‘A’ to the best performance, while the letter ‘C’ is attributed to the worst.

Piedmont, Umbria and Sicily AAA in expenditure for surveillance services – Piedmont, Umbria and Sicily are the most ‘virtuous’ Italian regions in the expenses incurred for surveillance, custody and reception services. They are the only three to be awarded the overall AAA rating in the special ranking prepared for Adnkronos by the Administrative Gazette Foundation. In particular, for this type of expenditure, in 2020 Piedmont spent 1,148,478.37 euros, Umbria 8,497.73 euros and Sicily 1,312,954.28 euros (TABLE 1 – TABLE 2).

Among the most efficient Regions for this item, with a rating between A and AAA, we find three others with the double AA – Emilia-Romagna (2,042,667.12 euros), Puglia (1,342,790.77), Veneto ( 1,458,603.61) – and two with A: Abruzzo (858,850.09), and Marche (938,730.32).

On the other hand, the Regions with ‘intermediate’ performances include BBB Liguria (1,485,749.31 euros), Lombardy (10,468,087.54) and Tuscany (3,766,909.82), with BB Calabria (2,160,517 , 60) and with B Campania (7,965,552.34) and Lazio (11,624,489.39). While the data for Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise, Sardinia, Trentino Alto Adige and Valle d’Aosta are not comparable for this item.

Basilicata less efficient in spending surveillance services with rating C – Basilicata is the least efficient Region in the expenses incurred for surveillance, custody and reception services. It is the only one to receive the ‘C’, the worst rating assigned by the ranking.

Specifically, for this item, in 2020, Basilicata spent 2,488,350.89. A figure, however, decreasing if compared to previous years, when it had recorded 3,601,825.08 euros in 2017, to jump in 2018 to 4,540,954.48 and go down in 2019 to 3,719,360.96. Descent continued, in fact, also in 2020.

Record-breaking expenditure on surveillance services in Sardinia – Sardinia is the Italian region that, in absolute value, holds the record for expenses incurred for surveillance, custody and reception services: 12,382,500.92 euros in 2020, still emerges from the ranking. In second place, immediately after Sardinia, comes Lazio, with an expenditure of 11,624,489.39 in 2020, and in third place Lombardy, with 10,468,087.54 euros.

At a distance, Campania follows with 7,965,552.34 euros and then – with an expenditure of between 2 and 4 million – Tuscany (3,766,909.82), Friuli Venezia Giulia (2,809,053.68), Valle d’Aosta (2,498,220.18), Basilicata (2,488,350.89), Calabria (2,160,517.60), Emilia-Romagna (2,042,667.12).

In Umbria the lowest expenditure – Umbria is the Italian Region which, in absolute values, has the lowest expenditure incurred for surveillance, custody and reception services: 8,497.73 euros in 2020. Immediately after Umbria, among the Regions that spend less on this item , again in absolute values, there are (all with values ​​below one million): Trentino Alto Adige (856,598.79), Marche (938,730.32) and Abruzzo (858,850.09).

Low, and between 1 and 2 million, also the values ​​of: Liguria (1,485,749.31 euros), Veneto (1,458,603.61), Puglia (1,342,790.77), Sicily (1,312,954.28 ), Piedmont (1,148,478.37).