Remember Jason and Cassia of 90 days to fall in love? The dramatic news leaves everyone stunned

They participated in 90 days to fall in love, remember Cassia and Jason? The dramatic news has left everyone shocked: unbelievable.

True lovers of 90 days to fall in love they can’t help but remember them: Jason and Cassia. The two would have met on Facebook and would have started a long-distance relationship. What do we know about them today?

Cassia Jason. Credits: Youtube

90 days to fall in love is a truly original program! The Real Time docu-reality, in fact, not only allows couples who, up to that moment, lived a long-distance story to meet, but allows them to have a visa of about 90 days and at the end of it to decide what to do! Among the many couples who took part in it, the audience of the program could not help but become attached to the story of Cassia and Jason. Are you curious, however, to know what happened after the docu-reality? We have just heard some dramatic news that leaves everyone stunned.

What happened to Jason and Cassia after 90 days of falling in love? Dramatic news

The story we are going to tell you has nothing like that of Ed and Liz or Juliana’s, but it’s completely different. Jason and Cassia they knew how to capture everyone’s attention right away and that is why, to date, many are wondering what happened to the couple after 90 days to fall in love. The two, after meeting on Facebook, formed a couple and got married. In 2017, however, they decided to separate, making the divorce official only in 2018. What are they doing today? Unfortunately, we have just learned some dramatic news.

If on the one hand, in fact, the very young Cassia continues her life as always and – as we discovered on Instagram – it would seem to have found love, Jason for his part was the protagonist of a dramatic event. In fact, last December, the very nice Hitch died at the age of 45 after contracting Covid. The sad announcement was made by his sister at TMZ. A truly shocking news, as you can clearly understand. And that still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth.

jason cassia 90 days to fall in love
Jason. Credits: Youtube

Have you followed their story too?

What happened to Cassia today?

His partner, unfortunately, died of Covid, but what do we know about Cassia? How has her life changed after the program? Unfortunately, we know very little and nothing about the young woman. Even on her official social channel – despite being very popular – Cassia doesn’t like sharing a lot of news about her. Just think, the last shared post dates back to exactly last January. Did she find love? Unfortunately, there is also a certain mystery on the subject. In the last photos of her, the woman always appears alone.