Remember Lex Luthor in Smallville? After more than 10 years you will not recognize the actor

Remember Lex Luthor in Smallville? After more than 10 years here is how the actor who played him is today.

Smallville is an American television series that aired many years ago. The first time in Italy dates back to 2002 with the first season and ended with the tenth in 2011. The plot focuses around a child, Clark, who arrived in the town following a catastrophic meteor shower.

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He is found by Martha and Jonathan Kent who decide to adopt him. Over the years, however, they understand that Clark has superhuman physical characteristics and is capable of doing things that no one can do. As a teenager he enters Smallville High and becomes friends with Chloe Sullivan. Just with her he will try to investigate the inexplicable events that occur in the city, caused by the fragments of the meteorites that fell years ago.

The young man also bonds with Lex Luthor. The two meet for the first time when he saves the latter from a car accident. Lex is the son of multi-billionaire Lionel. Following what happened with Clark, he will begin to have the first doubts about his true nature and his obsession with him will lead to strong contrasts up to a point of no return. This character was played by actor Michael Resenbaum. After more than 10 years, have you seen how it is today?

He played Lex Luthor in Smallville: this is how the actor is today after more than 10 years

Lex Luthor is a pivotal character in Smallville. His story will intertwine with that of the protagonist. The two first meet when Clark saves him from a car accident. Later they establish a friendship, so much so that Jonathan and Martha’s son visits him several times. However, this bond will be disturbed by the obsession of Lionel’s son towards his friend.

In fact, he begins to have increasingly strong doubts about the nature of his savior. Doubts that had arisen following the accident, after he had saved him. Over the years this obsession will cause ever more insurmountable conflicts. In the fifth season there is a real distortion of this character: Lex is attacked by the dark side of him and becomes Clark’s nemesis. Only later will he discover the true nature of the protagonist. More than 10 years have passed since we last saw the actor, Have you seen how it’s changed?

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This is a photo taken from a video that Michael Rosenbaum he posted on his social media channel. After about 11 years he is very different from the character brought to the stage. In the series he was bald, in reality he is not. Also, he wears glasses. Hard to recognize today! Apparently with the rest of the cast Michael has continued to have relationships so much that they are often seen together on social networks in the very popular podcast that belongs to him.