Remember Lola in THE Secret? In this shot you will notice the change of the actress

Remember Lola in the Secret? Years later, here’s how the actress is today, very different from how we met her.

The Secret has closed its doors last year with a last episode that left us with bated breath all the time. Puente Viejo was destroyed by the bombs scattered by Don Filiberto and the first inhabitants to die are the priest, Donna Francisca and Raimundo. The soap opera has accompanied us for 8 years.

The Secret, Lola (credits: youtube)

From the first to the last season, each story has left its mark. The first protagonists we saw on stage are Pepa and Tristan. The love between the midwife and the soldier affected a good part of the first season. It has always been hindered by the man’s mother. Montenegro did not want the two to be together, and she did the same for Soledad, her other daughter. The young woman falls in love with Juan Castaneda but even this relationship is hindered by the woman due to the social differences that exist between their families.

Love has always been present in the plot. Do you remember Lola? She arrives in Puente Viejo with her sister and is not always well seen by Donna Francisca. She falls in love with Prudencio and they start a not a little troubled relationship. She is a very interesting character, young and easy-going and above all she is very beautiful and sweet. A few years after the last time we saw him, how is the actress today?

She played Lola in The Secret: how is the actress after a few years

After the last episode aired on May 28, 2021, The Secret was no longer followed. Before the end we had already found out about the closure of the soap opera’s doors. In fact, in Spain, the country of production, it ended about a year earlier. So the news had already reached the public.

After 8 years and 12 seasons we said goodbye to all the characters and protagonists of the soap opera. More than a year has passed since the last episode but those who followed it will never forget the soap opera in general and all that those who were on stage made us live. Do you remember Lola Mendana? We saw her for a few seasons but it was interesting to follow her story. She falls in love with Prudencio but for a series of bad events, linked to Mrs. Montenegro, they break up. Man cannot help but love her and after discovering the truth they will come back together. It’s been a few years since we last saw the story of this character, have you wondered what the actress is like off the set?

lola the secret actress
Lola, actress today (credits: instagram)

Lucia Margo played Prudencio’s very young girlfriend. In The Secret she was beautiful and she is also beautiful in everyday life. She wore curly and soft hair which distinguishes her even off the set. She only changes her look and make-up, more accentuated in everyday life. The actress is 25 years old. Looking at this social snapshot would you have recognized it?