Remember the final shock of 365 days? No one would have ever imagined it

Very close to the 365 days sequel, but do you remember the shock ending of its first chapter? No one would have ever imagined: what happened.

The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally come: the 365-day sequel. Just over two years after its first chapter aired, the Netflix original film is about to return to the platform with a new and overwhelming story.

Remember the 365 day finale? What happened. Credits: Instagram

If “365 days” was exciting, we advise you not to miss “365 days: now”! We saw the trailer and, as well as the first chapter, also the second one that will be released on April 27 will be truly unmissable. The protagonist, of course, will always be him: Massimo Torricelli! This time, however, he will by no means be the only one to conquer the scene. Waiting to find out what this second chapter of the film has in store for us, are you ready to remember with us how the debut film went? Maybe not everyone remembers it, but the ending was really shocking.

The shocking finale of “365 days”: do you remember?

Although there are many people who anxiously await the arrival of “365 days: now”, we are sure that not everyone remembers how the first chapter turned out. Surely, even before starting, an extensive summary will be proposed, but while we wait we are ready to tell you everything that has happened. The protagonists of the film are two: Massimo Torricelli, a member of his mafia family, and Laura, a strong and determined woman, who lives trapped in her relationship with Martin. Although they both have completely different lives, they are linked by a single event: the killing of Massimo’s father. At the time of the clash between his family and the black market drug dealers, the young Torricelli saw a bright young girl on the beach, whom he has never been able to forget.

Five years have passed since the dramatic event and Massimo meets Laura in Sicily by pure chance, deciding to kidnap her. There is only one pact: she has 365 days to fall in love with him. If so, she will be hers forever. Otherwise, he will let her free. Things between them do not go well at first: Laura is so distant from him that she, on several occasions, she rebels against her jailer. Over time, however, the situation changes! The two, in fact, are ready to get married and, above all, to become parents. Even before Laura can share this news with her future husband, something unexpected happens. Mario, Massimo’s right shoulder, learns that the rival Torricelli family wants to kill her and does everything to inform her boss of this “tip”, but he can’t. At the time of the alleged ambush, in fact, Torricelli is on the phone with his beloved, who gives him an appointment in the evening for an important news. Apparently, however, this meeting will never take place. The film, in fact, ends with the car that transports Laura entering a tunnel and a police car following her after a few moments, suggesting a tragic epilogue. Will it really be like this?

365 final days
Credits: Instagram

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