Remember what Melissa Morris was like at Vite al Limite over 10 years ago? From goosebumps

Melissa Morris was Dr. Nowzaradan’s first patient at Vite al Limite, but do you remember what it was like over 10 years ago? Shocking.

It was exactly 2012 when Lives to the Limit was airing for the first time ever, riding the wave of success. Since that time, the program has become unstoppable and has seen a succession of patients alternate. Among the many we met and appreciated the transformations, the public cannot help but remember the story of Melissa Morris.

As it was before Lives on the Limit: Melissa Morris’ shocking transformation. Credits: Instagram

Forerunner of the first edition of Vite al Limite, the same as Donald Shelton – today unrecognizable – and Henry Fotts – protagonist of a tragic epilogue – Melissa Morris was Dr. Nowzaradan’s first ever patient on the Real Time show. Her story was told in two episodes, but immediately proved to be unforgettable. After participating in Vite al Limite, in fact, the life of the very nice Morris has literally changed. Not only did she lose tons of weight, breaking all kinds of records, but she also found a job at Dr. Nowzaradan’s office. In short, really sensational. But what we ask you now is her: remember how it was Before to start the surgeon’s diet?

What was Melissa Morris like before Vite al Limite? Let’s talk about more than 10 years ago

There have been so many shocking transformations that have alternated in these ten editions of Lives on the edge, but that of Melissa Morris it can hardly be forgotten. Joining the program with a weight of 290 kg, the Texas woman came out completely changed with 187 kg in less. Really sensational, right? To date, although we do not know for sure how much her weight is in her shape, we cannot help but notice how much her physical shape is getting more and more crazy.

But what we ask you now is: remember what Melissa Morris was like at the time of her very first visit with Dr. Nowzaradan. She weighed almost 300 kg, as we said, but how did she show herself? Really shocking, no doubt about it. Look here:

melissa morris lives to the limit as it was
Credits: Youtube

Really shocking, don’t you think?