Remembrance Day, Irene Shashar on Sky TG24: I won against Hitler, I survived

“I won against Hitler”, is the title of the book and the thoughts of Irene Shashar, born in 1937 in Poland with the name Ruth Lewkowicz, forced to live hidden in the Warsaw ghetto, to which she moved when she was five years old. (THE DAY OF MEMORY – THE DAY OF MEMORY: THE INITIATIVES – SEVEN BOOKS FOR CHILDREN)

The interview with Sky TG24

“Hitler was busy killing all the Jews and wiping them off the face of the earth. I was born a Jew and as a child why should I be punished? What had I done wrong?” he says to Sky TG24, on the occasion of the day of his memory. “The reason – she continues – was that I was Jewish and the idea was to exterminate me, massacre me, to destroy me. But he didn’t succeed. I survived, I have children, I have grandchildren and we will continue, hopefully in a peaceful world. This is my victory, this is why I won against Hitler.”

Escape from the ghetto

In the Warsaw Ghetto her father was killed, while she and her mother managed to escape through the sewer pipes. They then moved to Paris at the end of the war, but after the death of her mother Irene moved to live with her extended family in Peru, before going to study in the United States and, at the age of 25, moving to Israel, where she became the youngest professor at the Hebrew University.