Remo Anzovino: “Don’t Forget to Fly is the dream that takes us to the sun”

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The crazy flight this time is music that goes beyond reality, it’s an invitation not to forget to fly because it’s only when our wings unfold that we approach the sun until we touch it and we don’t get burned. Remo Anzovino with Don’t forget to fly, his new (concept) album for piano solo, lightens us from centuries, perhaps millennia of moral, scientific and religious ballast and tells us, through twelve compositions, that man can fly. On the other hand, that number 12 has a strong symbology: there were so many Apostles, so many are the months and the signs of the zodiac, 12 are the semitones that form an octave and the same were the labors of Hercules and when Jesus was found in the temple he was that age, the same that marks, in many places in the world, the moment that indicates entry into adulthood. With Don’t forget to fly the Neapolitan pianist-lawyer, but adopted by Pordenone, overcomes all this, ascends beyond the ground and, aligning himself with the thought of Gaston Bachelard, according to which we don’t fly because we have wings but we believe we are wings because we have flown. The album, which has, among others, the complicity of that alchemist of sounds called Taketo Goharawas recorded, mixed and mastered by the sound engineer Stefano Amerio at the Teatro di Fiesole, in the same places where Leonardo da Vinci carried out his flight tests.

Humanity must produce images and not suffer them as too often happens. And to create our own imagination we need wings: “Don’t forget to fly – tells Remo Anzovino – was born after the experience of the last album Nocturne and between the two works there is a world of soundtracks. The title sentence was written in my notebook towards the end of the pandemic. At that time the first symphony for chorus and orchestra was born and I made a lot of music on commission. But I also gave myself a rule, that is not to write during the pandemic, I wanted to compose the solo piano project later and when I started to conceive it I found a world full of uncertainties and which had shrunk”. Remo, whom I have known since 2008, when he released what for me is one of the most revolutionary albums of the new millennium and is called Tabooneeds large spaces to spread its wings and therefore could only set it in the planet of the air where it is natural to free one’s dreams: “Since the time of Icarus – explains the composer – man has been designed to fly. At a certain point I imagined a dream and in fact everything that happens on the record is a dream. When every human being has a dream, even a small one, he has already started to fly”. Morning Moon it marks the moment when we float in the air. Then, almost lysergic, he describes the sky to us as a huge meadow: “Instead of the meadow flowers – he comments – there are the ones from the sky. So we smelled a perfume we didn’t know, then a flock of birds arrives which does a choreography for us it’s coming Dance of Birds. We still fly, we haven’t fallen, and I think a human being who doesn’t have a desire is a sterile and useless animal. In this moment a rope appears from the sky and we become the tightrope walkers of the tango who dance in On a Tightrope“. A tumult of emotions embraces us, it makes us feel light, but our flight hasn’t yet reached the sun, we need to dare further and to rest we stretch a hammock between two clouds: “It’s the disc metadream – he says Remo Anzovino – while you sleep…you dream and dream of sleeping Between Two Clouds; when you wake up you have an important energy in you and you fly really high overcoming the force of gravity, you are No Gravity. Now we are at heights we didn’t think we’d reach, the angels are there in the high heavens and Like an Angel it is a dialogue with an angel who then vanishes and we understand that at those heights if you turn your gaze there is an infinite forest of blue trees: the barcarolle that describes this visual sensation and Celestial Trees“. Our journey is about to end, what will happen now that the sun is a gasp away from the dream? What is certain is that the desire to reach the sun is ever stronger and Anzovino tells it in Embrace of the Sun after which there is the final transition made of bright chords: “You have reached it and in the second life of Icarus the sun does not burn its wings but welcomes it. And here is the ending with the only title that does not have the dynamics of the dream : the sun hasn’t burned your wings and you are free to go wherever you want”. The finale is eye opening: music doesn’t have to describe reality, you already know it, music is flying. I would venture that with Don’t forget to fly Remo Anzovino he has broken all the “taboos” and today the Sun has its king.