Remo Anzovino: “With my notes I make you ‘fly’, arriving in Rome is an emotion”

The composer will be in the capital on January 29th in the Sala Petrassi at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The setlist includes songs from the successful solo piano album ‘Don’t Forget to Fly’

No scenography. No video or even electronics. Just a beam of light illuminating the long concert piano. An environment that encourages imagination and dreams. And the notes that accompany spectators, cradling them, towards a world waiting to be explored. Remo Anzovino arrives in Rome, atAuditorium Parco della Musica where he will perform on Monday 29 January, presenting to the public ‘Don’t Forget to Fly‘ the last album, the sixth studio album and the first completely solo piano, of his career.

The Capitoline stage which “excites him greatly” is part of a long cycle of concerts that the artist is performing throughout Italy and which will continue in the main cities of our country until March: after Rome, Anzovino will in fact stop on 2 February in Turin (Folkclub) and February 14th Trieste (Miela Theatre). On February 20th the composer will be in Palermo (Teatro Agricantus), while on February 23rd it will stop at Ascoli Piceno (Teatro Ventidio Basso), on 6 March Udine (Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine) and on March 10th Rimini (Bibiena Theatre). March 15th will be at Mantua (Teatro Bibiena) and on March 21st Terni (Auditoriuim Gazzoli).

“This album – Anzovino tells AdnKronos – produced a 30-date tour which is an excellent result. This means that the album managed to find a way into people’s hearts and arrive in Rome, in the Sala Petrassi of the Auditorium , is something very significant. Everything is based on the album ‘Don’t Forget to Fly’ which is the first completely solo piano. The idea of ​​the work, which is represented in the entire first part of the show, is to make people live gives people the sensation of flying, that is, of living in a dream in which one flies in the true sense of the word. When the music ends, exactly like when one wakes up from a dream, the images that the notes are able to produce are always keys to interpreting reality”. In this sense, states Anzovino, “the album and the live show were born from the idea that in everyday reality we should never forget to fly, giving weight to our dreams and desires“.

These assumptions “have produced highly emotional music, all set in the air which describes an exploratory journey to an unknown planet and which is able to reveal, through dreams, a whole series of images”. Presenting a bare scenography, with only the piano and music at the centre, Anzovino wants only his creations to speak. “By canceling out all the visually distracting elements I get people to pick up and use their imagination through sound. The magic that is happening on this tour is that viewers are perfectly able to immerse themselves in the sound.” The concert, beyond this approach, also proposes “a second part, which I define as reality unlike the first which is that of the dream, in which I will do something that I do for the first time in Rome. It will be a dedication to the city where I have been living for two years. I will play ‘Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza’ which is the main theme of the soundtrack I wrote for the film ‘Borromini and Bernini. Challenge to perfection”.

Finally, Anzovino focuses on the next Sanremo Festival starting on February 6th. “I consider the language of pop to be fundamental – he maintains -. For this reason, since I was a child, I have always watched the Festival because it is also a way to keep up to date on what is happening in this musical field. Compatibly with commitments, I will certainly watch it again this year year. Amadeus has held extremely successful festivals because, as a former radio broadcaster, he had the intuition to bring to that stage a series of artists that the Rai1 audience did not know but who have an extraordinary following on social media and platforms. He thus achieved the result of bringing even very young people to see the festival. For me the opinion on the Festival is very positive”, concludes the pianist.