Renewables, the largest photovoltaic plant in Basilicata inaugurated

Made by Acea Solar

The inauguration of the plant took place this morning photovoltaic ‘Piana di Santa Chiara’ in the Municipality of Ferrandina, in the province of Matera, built by Acea Solar and today owned by the company AE Sun Capital (60% Equitix and 40% Acea Produzione). The plant is spread over a land with a total extension of about 40 hectares and has an installed power of about 20MW, for an annual production of about 36GWh, equal to over 1,830 hours / year equivalent, corresponding to 15 thousand tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year and is able to provide enough energy to meet the annual needs of over 10,000 nuclei family members. The plant sells the energy produced directly to the market and won the tender called by Terna on the “Capacity Market”, with an overall “committed capacity” of 3MW for which it will receive a fixed annual fee for the next 15 years.

“We are particularly satisfied – he comments Filippo Stefanelli, President of Acea Produzione – to have built this plant, the largest currently connected in Basilicata, the result of the virtuous collaboration between private companies and the local area to contribute to the achievement of the production objectives from renewable sources that the country has set itself. Commitment also shared by the Acea Group which has chosen to invest in this sector in order to be an active part in the energy transition process which is now a priority and can no longer be postponed “.

“We are proud of the realization of this plant – he stresses Marco Panfili, Associate Director of Equitix Italia – the result of an important partnership with a leading industrial player such as Acea. Equitix strongly believes in consolidating positive and lasting relationships with local communities that are close to our assets. We wish to thank those who actively contributed to the realization of this project. We look at investments in the Italian market with great interest and we have a strong commitment to consolidate our presence in this country and in the renewable energy market “.

The municipal administration, notes Carmine Lisanti, mayor of Ferrandina, “expresses satisfaction with the construction of the largest photovoltaic park in Basilicata in its territory. A green investment that has allowed us not only to benefit from local development projects that are soon to be implemented, such as the restoration of the façade of the Mother Church and the efficient and modernization of a large part of the public lighting in our historic center, but above all to develop knowledge and collaborations on the subject of renewable energy. Local communities can play a fundamental role in reducing CO2 emissions. I like to talk about energy democracy: we must free ourselves from dependence on resources that do not belong to us, such as coal, and we will be able to do so only if, even from below, from local communities, many communities able to produce and exchange energy will be born. The Municipality of Ferrandina wants to take this road towards a mo ndo more “free” from fossil fuels, also through the active role of its citizens “.